Who knows about dCS?

Is there someone here who has had some significant experience with the dCS line? I would like to correspond with you. I am looking at buying some of that gear off Audiogon but need some help with regard to what works with what, etc.
Hi. Can't get an email through to you. I might be able to help. Let me know your questions. M. Gottlieb
Just sold my personal dCS Verdi/Purcell/Elgar +. Contact me if I can help with info and my experience with this wonderful gear. In Ft Lauderdale, so best to contact by e-mail for now.

Regards Alan 954.873.4240
I own a DCS stack. What would you like to know
Retrieving this old thread:

I have just bought a Verdi LaScala transport, and I wonder how to get the DSD upsampling feature to work (I have not received the unit just yet, nor the manual to read).
Do I understand it well if I assume that I'll need a newer version of my targeted DAC, the Elgar? Or can I just buy an older version of the Elgar and it will decode DSD?
Thanks for sharing your knowledge
Best regards from Spain
I think all pieces have to be 1394(latest)equipped to do DSD. WARNING! The national distributor doesn't return calls or emails(as of two years ago). If a repair situation should come up, you might be out of luck.
Thank you for the reply. I have received the same info: the "old" Elgar will not decode DSD, so either I need an Elgar Plus or a Delius with firewire (whatever that is).

I wonder how much of a difference will it make to go from 24/192 to DSD on PCM based recordings?

brgds, Marcelo