Who Killed Q Sound?

I find the soundstage of a Q.Sound recording to be much superior to any other comers. So why did it die out after only a few years back in the 90s?

If you are  unsure if you have experienced QSound, listen to Roger Waters, Amused to Death, Track one, 2 minutes 20 seconds, The Jaguar.

The growling  should appear to be originating 4-6 feet outside the right channel speaker.

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It was me. Took a lot of contracts like that back in my assassin days.


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Looks like their patents expired and competing DSP technologies took their place.

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I also killed Quad, Beta, and Laser Disk. A facilitator of fatalities.


Stereo Dimensional Array still alive and well after what...40 years. 

Gotta love the humor, + millercarbon 

Uh oh, MC's got a new toy! #embedcode

Just so you know, this is all just business. We don't always have to kill them. Just make sure they understand.