Who is using their receiver as a preamp only?

Just curious about experience. I'm considering the Antique Sound Lab Wave monoblocks to power the ZU Omens I'm about to order. I would eventually go with a Tube integrated (cayin 50 T, etc) and I would have to purchase a separate DAC for the Cable box and Apple TV2. I currently have a Pioneer Elite A/V receiver.
I have had good luck using my Onkyo 805 for HT and separate monoblocks. I then upgraded to a preamp with HT pass through for watching movies.
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I used an older pioneer elite with a parasound amp for about a tear until I could afford a preamp with ht bypass. Bought an emo umc1...lot of problems with it so far. Anyways I had fairly good results using the reciever as a processor, just use good cables.
I was curious about Emotiva as a pre, I feel it would not be any better than the receiver I currently have.
I use a Marantz SR7001 A/V receiver as a pre. I've never owned a separate stereo pre, so I don't know what I'm missing, although I am curious about adding a Peachtree Nova.
Boat anchor the reciever and do yourself a major favor. You an get a Mapletree for under 1K and the AES AE-3 upgraded to the hilt both brand new. The AES will cost a bit than 1K I would chose either over a pedestrian reciver. That is unless you need to decode and processing. If this is your first outing with a preamp make it a good one. I can think of others much less than 1K the early Classe's the Nikko beta (very good) the Aragon 24AU, even the original but really versatile and serious Accuphase 200 I think. I saw one recently for about $800. Great sound there are so many choices why use a reciever? Just asking? I imagine its OK but not much more given the way the whole reviever sounds.
In my secondary set-up I use a Pioneer VSX-D601. In addition to my preamp it serves as my phono stage and a tuner. I didn't want to go too crazy spending all sorts of $ on various components with my secondary set-up so I opted to use the VSX-D601. To my ears it is doing a fine job. The Pioneer Elite or some Pioneer models in general really aren't that bad quality wise. I wouldn't give up on that Pioneer Elite yet. What model # is it?
I use the Pioneer Elite 94 as a pre. It allows me to have HT, and drive a zone 2 with channels 6 & 7. Feeds a Rotel 1095 and sounds pretty good. My next purchase will be a preamp with a HT bypass to improve the 2 channel sound, and keep all the functionality.
I have an old but versatile and good quality NAD 7020 receiver that I use as a spare receiver, amp, pre-amp tuner as needed.

I swapped it into my second system last winter when the pre-amp there developed a problem and have been satisfied enough to leave it in since, though eventually I would like to get a newer pre-amp for that system and return the NAD to spare/bench duties only.