Who is using The Lyngdorf 2710 or 3400, and Room Perfect with speakers against the wall ?

Who is actually using The Lyngdorf 2710 or 3400 and Room Perfect with speakers against the wall ? Talking to Lyngdorf, they really feel this is best, I know others have written different. But I wonder how close to their recommendation is anybody running their speakers ?
I've had my speakers flat against the wall almost since I purchased the Lyngdorf.  I found this the only way I could get the bass perfect.  Center image is good but the sound stage is quite shallow.  I'm growing weary of this and looking for a way to get the speakers off for better soundstage without destroying bass performance.  Can someone help me?  I know this is an old Post but I haven't been on this site in a while.
It takes lots of trial and error in speaker and seat set up.  Which, I realize depends on whether you have a dedicated room or not. 

I tried against the wall when I got my 2170 over 4 years ago.  I didn’t like it.  And discovered almost no one does that.  Everyone I know agrees that you practice good set up technique as if you have no RP, then do RP.

I futzed with different set ups with a goal of RP not robbing my LF heft.  If the heft is lost I think it’s because the “heft” was bloated, poor acoustics and RP was correcting it.  So, as my set up got better, the RP then didn’t reduce perceived LF information.

Ultimately, my rig sounds better now without RP than with it.  It confirm that, I need to run RP again since I recently made some set up changes, but before making the changes, it sounded better w/o RP in the previous spots (chair, speakers).  3 years ago a guy posted that said his 2170 sounded best with RP off and I bristled.  I’m not bristling now, but it definitely stems from a very dialed in set up.

Good luck,