Who is using the Linkwitz LX Minis? What amps are you using? Digital signal processing?

What preamp and amp combo are you using? Is anyone using a distributed array sub system, and if so how do you like the combo? Are you using  the digital signal processors that they recommend, or are you using an analog active crossover? Did you buy a kit, and if so from whom, Linlwitz or Madisound? Recommendations?
I can suggest Crestron 12x60 or 16x60 models that are made by ATI and you can find them used at ridiculous prices. The best value for money i know for the mini and this approach can lead you to the 521.4 using the same amp.

These are very high quality class AB amps. IMHO though, the ultimate is the neurochrome diy amps but are quite pricey to build. Also class AB, with vanishingly low distortion.

ASP all the way. You can get and assemble the diy version for very little money. Bit you need to have a top source with volume control in order to take the full effect of the asp. 

My 2 cents