Who is using a tube preamp with your Pass X-250???

I just heard the new CAT Ultimate tube preamp with my Pass X-250 power amp and it did enhance the sound to make my system sound more there and live over my X-1. I would like to know if you have any experience with a tube preamp mated to your X-250. I would really like a tube preamp that has balanced outputs and a remote control. I previously owned the BAT VK-30SE but felt the X-1 was just a better mate to the X-250.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Happy Listening.
I use a First Sound with an X-150. The impedance match is sub-optimal, but I like it anyway. A great preamp, truly great, but no balanced out or remote, alas.
I would listen to the Atmasphere preamps. They are true balanced designs like the Pass.
I'm using a Cary SLP 88 with my X250 and I like the sound, although the preamp has a bit too much gain. I would look for a preamp that has low gain. I'm looking at the AR or the CJ versions in tube. I hear the Cary SLP 2002 is a good match for the Pass Labs.
I was at Rangers Audio Saturday and compared an Audible Illusions M3A to a Rogue 99 Magnum hooked to a Pass Labs X350 driving Quad 988s and preferred the Rogue. While we did not directly compare at this session, I believe the Rogue would even be a strong competitor to the much more expensive Pass X-1 Pre. Of course, your results could vary depending upon your system and tastes.
I'm using a Cat Ulimate preamp and am considering
a X350 to drive my Magnapans.If you liked the combo, you might think about getting Cat to mod the preamp to have balanced outs.Im not sure if it is true balanced mod but you can call Ken to find out.