Who is using a Denon 160 on P3 without VTA change?

I just purchased a P3-24 new. Prior to purchasing, had bought a Denon PL-160 cartridge and was looking for a used TT, but decided on the P3 instead.

Now I am debating using an Elys 2 due to simplicity and selling the Denon, or installing the Denon 160 without VTA shims (as would be suggested by Rega), or installing the Denon and adding 3mm shims to compensate the additional 3-4mm height of the Denon.

From forums understand the Denon will likely provide as good or better soundstage and bass, and be much better on the high end. Many good forum discussions.

My specific search is, who has installed the 160 (or a 110) on a Rega without changing the VTA, and is it sounding good? Or did you do this and later add the VTA adjustment? Was it better or unchanged?

The Elys 2 sounds really good in all areas (soundstage, bass, clarity) except seems like the high end could be better, hence trying to decide prior to let the Denon go.... The Denon is still new in the box. Prior to removing (and diminishing resale), thought I would ask...

I haven't - but I have heard the Elys verus the 160... get the spacer, install the DL-160! I really like it so much better than the Elys - better tracking, better coherence top to bottom, just a really great cartridge.

The spacer is easy to install, 3 screws and you're done. Nothing to it. The Denon is 17.6mm, so, it's 3.6mm taller than the Elys. Rega makes a 2mm and 4mm spacer I believe, but you may be able to find a 3rd party 3mm on eBay - I'd be inclined to use the Rega 2mm myself.
The 160 I use to have had an unusual SRA, and required a considerable drop on the rear end to get it at the '0' degree perpendicularity. Yours may be different, but check first.

Hey, thanks for the responses. Looks like I am going to break the denon out of it's little box....
Do it! I had a denon DL160 on my P25, also without VTA spacers etc. and it sounded just lovely. I actually bought a VTA adjuster from Origin Live and ended up not using it as I preferred the sound without it. Sounded somewhat brittle and metallic with the OL VTA adjuster installed. Back to DL160 + stock arm: slightly negative VTA, but sounding just fine.