Who is this- Boxenkiller???

I heard a demo disc at Magnolia Hi-Fi in Seattle recently. The first song is titled "Boxenkiller". Drums and bass. Excellent reference music. The disc was a mix of known artists and the print on the disc said Magnolia Hi-Fi.
But, the folks at Magnolia do not know who the artist is or anything else.
Can one of our Audiogon brethren help out-
Where can I find this artist/music/tune called Boxenkiller?
Is this it?

Boxen Killer by Cyrill Lutzenschwab / Martin Heiss
This is the disc:

Focal Focal JMlab - Demonstration CD No 4
Genre: Jazz/Art Music/Pop/Others | APE + CUE 420 MB | Audiophile CD

Track Listing:

01. Terry Callier - C'est la vie
02. Joe Jackson - Cha cha loco
03. Bernard Lavilliers - Romeo Mochado
04. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - For what it's worth
05. Pooka - The insect
06. 16 Horsepower - Brimstone rock
07. Alain Bashung - La nuit je mens
08. Lucky Peterson - Who's been talkin`?
09. John Scofield - A go go
10. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Killing me softly
11. Pierpoljak - Je sais pas jouer
12. Black Uhuru - Chill out
13. Charly Antolini - Endless
14. Cyrill Lutzelschwab / Martin Hess - Boxenkiller
15. Yello - Resistor
All of Terry Callier's stuff is interesting. The old stuff from way back when, and the "new" Callier, rediscovered. I don't know a lot of the others.

Mofimadness and Metralla,
That must be it. The best I could describe the tune, Boxen Killer, is drums for about 2 minutes, then bass comes in. All VERY dynamic and well tuned. Kick drum is powerful and toms, snare, cymbals clearly distinguishable.
Is this how you hear it?
The CD I heard was a mix. Boxenkiller was first track, followed by typical stuff. So it was probably burned from the disc you mention.
I hope you and Metrella can confirm what I describe so that I can search for the right artist.