Who is the Youngest Audiogoner??

Just wondering who might be the absolute youngest Audiogoner to use this site and is a regular member?

If you are young, and think you may indeed be the youngest member, step forward and tell us your age and system. I think it might be cool to see how they differ from older members systems...
This is for fun, now be honest, we may ask you to prove it!

I was 25 when I first became a member a couple years ago.
I am 20 and was 18 or 19 when I joined, how about that?
Hey! I'm old (48) but my 4 year old always says "thumbs up Daddy" when he sees the hand on the home page......he's not a member yet but I think he should get an honorable mention! Merry Christmas!!
Anyone on here is pretty young no matter what their chronology.
I am 21 and was 18-19 when I started posting here, the years do seem to fly and it doesn't appear to slow down! There are a bunch of us tar magots who posted all of our systems on the virtual system with in the same week- it was kind of cool to see the system's of my peers. HAPPY HOLIDAYS- YOUNG or those YOUNG at HEART!
This is my first posting ever in the 3+ years being a member. I have enjoyed reading what other audiogoners wrote, and am every impressed with Tireguy's maturity. He is probably the youngest guy ever joined Audiogon. We all should give him a round of applause. By the way, Tireguy, where do you get all the money for the hi-end gears? I was broke when I was your age, paying for college myself and lived on Oodle noodles and cans of tuna fish. :)

Merry Christmas everyone.
I am 24! Joined when I was 20. I love this place!
Nguyennnd- Thank you very much for your very kind words. The story that is my life is very complicated and I simply could not put it all into one post but the short story is.... I graduated from high school when I was 16 and had a family emergency which put me in charge of the family business(which wasn't doing that well at the time) and it forced me to grow up at a very rapid pace. 5 years later things are much better and I have seen and done things that most my age simply can not understand, I lost my childhood quickly and was hurled into becoming a grown up probably prior to being ready for it. Now I am glad things happened the way they did and it just keeps getting better- meeting new friends(audiophiles), better tunes and more money(I am with in 6 months of closing my first 7 figure deal- which to me is a big deal)- there were more then a few nights I couldn't sleep- I had no clue what I was going to do the following day, but I made it and I won't stop, not now or ever :) Hope everyone is having a great Christmas day ~Tim
23, joined when I was 21. I know there are younger people than me, however.
I'm 23, and started using audiogon when I was 20
Ah, I think I have you all beat haha. I'm 17, and just registered here about a month ago, but have been lurking since early this year.

I am finally going to upgrade my first system consisting of a Sony CD player, NAD C350, and Axiom M22ti speakrs. I think once I do this next big upgrade I'll actually have some quality sound coming out of my speakers. Right now my system sounds lifeless, especially since I just heard a $20k system in a store a few days ago.
Well, I'm 21 and I've been reading the site for almost 3 years, so I guess I was 18 when I started. Now I've got a Sony 9000es, Triangle Titus monitors, and a cairn 4808A integrated and think I've come a long way.
My Fiancee says that I'm 25 going on 12. Does that count?
well iam twelve when we have our stereo,way back in the
orient,i will do anything if my sister would let me
play our system which is akai,made from Japan.Too
bad there is no audiogon then.today iam 45 but young
looking,coz stereo is one that relax me, and the sense
of humor that God gave.And i am always greatful for what
i have.Guys if my response is off the track, itried. Yes
for tireguy, i do admire you,Iam glad that you decide to
go for the better than going for the bitter.I salute
you bro, very few people will overcome things like you did.
25yo, joined two years ago. Man am I getting old, LOL. Where does the time go? To think, weh I started here I had a A/V receiver and a pair of Eosone HT loudspeakers. Now it's planars and tubes. I wonder what the next two years will hold?
Well, it would appear you are our winner of the youngest Audiogoner. Now take it slow on the upgrades brother Jcdem, there is plenty of time to buy that 20k system the wife will hate you for!

:>) Audiojudge
29 started when I was 24 or so.
I am 20, I joined about 6 months ago. I found out about this place when I came to America from Jamaica( a little more than a year now). Took me a little while to find out about this place though, i found this site while doing reasearch for speakers. Since I have joined and gotten some great ideas from you guys, my system sounds much better, but not as good as I want, but in time it will. Im a college student so I can only dream about having some of the systems that you guys own. Right now I have an AH! Noje Tjoeb cdp, Van Den Hul Bay C5 interconnect, Parasound HCA-750, cheap Acoustic Reasearch speaker wire, and the phenominal MMGs.

Any more Jamaicans out there?
I am 20 but came here when i was 18, still looks like jcdem beats us all
If you ask my wife, she'll say me! My chronlogical age is in the 40's, but I am like a little kid on Christmas when it comes to audio.
Initially I had assumed Slipknot1 was one of our age peers. For some reason I thought he might have based his moniker on that silly NuMetal band that dresses up in costumes and generally acts downright silly. not sure where i got that mental image. Oh well...

My name comes from one of my favorite Grateful Dead tunes:
Slipknot!, from the Blues For Allah LP. I get a lot of assumptions that it's for "that other band". Thinking maybe I should change it to something more staid like my real name. My ISP changed the "!" in my name to "1" as it is also the front end of my email addy from my ISP.
yeah! i'm 25 check out my system under user name happi626. good luck to all stereophile out there.
My brother is an agoner who started (with alittle help from his bib brother) With buying a Theta Data Basic from Agon when he was 16. He now has an all Classe system consisting of:

I have helped him along the way and believe his system is almost better than mine now.
By the way, we built our own speakers which are bipolar and soldered our own crossovers together.
I am zappers' younger brother and started at 16 with a Theta Data Basic I just sold 3 weeks ago. I remember when Audiogon didn't have these forums, or feedback. The "Gon" was about the same size as another used hi-end website. Since then Gon has taken off, and left that other website buried.