Who is the WORST Audio Shop?

There seems to have been quite a bit written over the past several years regarding the myriad of reasons one can attribute to the demise of the brick and mortar audio shop. Rarely have I read however one of the most obvious reasons, which based on my experience, has got to be the simple fact that for the most part, they just didn't offer a high end listening experience. That, along with an elitist and careless attitude towards customer service, buried them as much as anything else. So here's my question. Who is the WORST audio shop/dealer you've ever encountered?
Thanks for the explanation !!!!!! I bought something from them once advertised and charged/paid as a 9 when delivered it was a 7 !!!!!!! As someone said it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to explain !!!!! So I might agree with you !!!!!!!
The Music store in Greenfield, Ma. A TV shop offering audio as an after thought. Never works.
Have to agree about the attitude @ Sunny's. Called them earlier this year to purchase (used) speakers. Unsolicited the Owner proceeded to tell me that the speaker Mfg. was a whore because he sold direct and he just "wanted to get rid" of them. Then, called the speaker Mfg. directly and bought the new model for less than Sunny's price. Maybe I should have said thank you:-)
Years ago, there was a shop on the Upper East Side in NYC that wanted a $50 deposit to audition equipment!
Polk432 While I've never purchased anything from avsouth in Tampa I am familiar with the store, curious to hear what your experience was. Thanks