Who is the WORST Audio Shop?

There seems to have been quite a bit written over the past several years regarding the myriad of reasons one can attribute to the demise of the brick and mortar audio shop. Rarely have I read however one of the most obvious reasons, which based on my experience, has got to be the simple fact that for the most part, they just didn't offer a high end listening experience. That, along with an elitist and careless attitude towards customer service, buried them as much as anything else. So here's my question. Who is the WORST audio shop/dealer you've ever encountered?
Unfortunately most of the stuff I'm interested in is not available locally so my recent major purchases have been online or over the phone from out of state dealers.
No problems to report.
I hung out at Singer a bit back in the day, and if I recall correctly, Dave Lalin (now of Audio Doctor) was a salesman there. He always BS'd with me and let me play with the gear, even though I clearly wasn't a fat-wallet type. (I did buy a fair amount from them, though.) He was a decent guy. It's nice to know his business is doing well.

As for Andy S., well, the less said, the better . . . .  :)
I am little late in following up but here's two examples of what I personally know occurred at the shop long out of business. A friend, now deceased, bought a lot of gear at the shop. Apogee speakers, Peaurreaux amplification, Denon CD player which in the day cost him over a grand. One day he finds no sound in one channel. We are able to pinpoint that it's the CD player. He brings the CD player to the shop, they bring it to the back, come out 15 minutes later and give him the bad news- he needs a new CD player. He thinks that's BS and brings the CD player to me. We open the CD player. One wired needs to be resoldered. That restores 100% functionality. 

I go to the store as at the time they were the only place locally selling The Absolute Sound. I buy a couple of issues. He insists on charging me sales tax on magazines. There's no sales tax on magazine, at least not in NY. 

That place is long since done and over with. Unfortunately, I know of four other businesses, not Audio related- where the story was the same. Dad built a great a great business and the sons destroyed the business. One of them- dad ran it "lean and mean" but the son had grand ideas which included building a fabulous office building for the company. And then the company expanded way past its core competencies. They got their clocks cleaned, went out of business, lots of people lost their jobs and a beautiful building now mostly empty still remains.