Who is makes a CD/digital specific power cord ?

I have a SCD-1 I am looking to upgrade it's stock power cord.

Shunyata makes the Python and David Elrod makes the EPS-2 which are both exceptional with CD/Digital specific equipment.
JPS Labs makes a great one!
Yes the JPS Digital AC is very good for the low-ish price. It's a filtered cord so I plug directly into an unfiltered outlet (on my line conditioner I have some unfiltered outlets also available) however as always it's best to experiment to determine what works best in your own rig. In mine I have tried some other more-expensive cords that didn not work as well as the JPS, but were still better than stock.
silver audio and nirvana make cords that are marketed as being specificly for digital. the silver audio lists for $200 and the nirvana cord for $795???