Who is Linn of New Hampshire

I saw this company at the CES in Vegas. They were at the show.(The s.h.o.w.)at the Flamingo. At first I thought this was the Linn company out of Europe. I quickly realized it wasn't. I would think this would be misleading to Linn of europe. I would also think this might be trademark infringement.(I'm not a lawyer I'm just guessing)Does anyone know about this company?
Ha, go to their web site. Look at their "gallery" of installations. It will probably tell you more about Linn of NH than any words can. I have never heard them, perhaps they sound as unique as their speakers look on their web site.
They have been advertising in the rags for at least a decade . ten feet tall with a grey haired gentlemen in the ads .
They also get listed in the Linn (of Scotland) catagories of speakers. I would like to hear a pair sometime.
The guy in the picture is David Linn and he is from New Hampshire. He has since moved to California and the company is now called Linn Audio Loudspeakers. He has gotten criticism for the company name, but it is his name so he uses it, although it has had New Hampshire it it, and how has Loudspeakers in the name. Read the About Us section on his website.
I have seen the ads for the last few years, but not recently, and I didn't know that the company had moved. I looked at the installation gallery though, and I must say that it is very misleading. Even a casual glance will reveal that the very large speakers in the various rooms have been photo-shopped in.Certainly not a good way to build confidence in a company's honesty.
As Roxy54 points out, the photos in the Gallery on the Linn Audio Loudspeakers are clearly manipulated. I looked at all of them and none appear to be real photos of real rooms. The speakers are obviously patched in - and in most photos, the other furniture items also appear to be composites. Definitely not what I expect to see. Bah!

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At one time he had "highly modified" Dayton AudioSource amps for an ungodly price. The badly photoshopped pics are a real hoot.
I guess i can say i have heard this guy's flagship model (ACROPOLIS)
and MAN!! what a powerful speaker system!! it reminds me of the infinity IRS systems. I Visited his show room in Oakland,Ca the sound had a powerful impact coming from this speaker system, each speaker weighed in at 455 pounds!!! the internally braced cabinets were very well made, you can tell he design the cabinets to the highest quality, we had a good conversation about his designs,he is the gentleman in the pictures on the website, very nice person,Unfortunately he passed away about a year or more ago, i can say that he was one of those great audio men whom should be listed with the likes of Rudy T Bozak, Mr Acoustat Jim Strickland, Infinity's Arnie Nudell . now we can list MR David Linn as one of them , i remember him saying he has heard them all but he just didn't like the sound he was hearing, he may have utillized other company's components ,but one must understand now a days a lot of companys are doing the same thing in the audio world, i once attended a audio show and it looked like everyone's speaker systems had the SAME tweeter and where was this tweeter made in CHINA, I try to buy American to keep jobs and Familys fed and his factory was in an area that supported low income familys , it was a Cookie Factory! at one time.