Who is going to the CES show?

My guess is that there might be some Audiogon posters going to the CES show. Last year when I got home,I found out about a lot things that I missed. For those members who are going, it might make sense to post your cell # in case anyone finds some incredible products that they think others might want to see while there. That way some of us might be able to hook up and see some products that we otherwise might have missed.
No offense RCLAD, but i would have to question the sanity of anyone that posts their cell phone number on the internet. That is asking just a bit much....

As to attending CES, i keep saying i'm going "next year". As is the case this year, i'll be going NEXT year again... Sean
I think that the best way is for those interested to meet at a place of interest and decide on goals. I know that last year Audiogon had a room but I had to leave before meeting Arnie and the gang due to a family emergency.

Maybe Audiogon is at this show too? Could be a place to discuss and group up, without (as Sean suggests) posting information for the entire internet community to see.
What's the website address? I didn't receive any info on registration, etc. If it's not too late, I may make the trip (it's about an 8 eight hour drive from here). How would I go about getting info on registration, etc?

Thanks, and happy holidays & happy 2002 to everyone.
Never mind! I found their website (http://www.CESweb.org) and registered. See you there.
Sean you took the words out of my mouth, 3 years now and I am always going "next year". Sort of like when you tell the police officer that the cracked windshield didn't happend till tomorrow! It never works
Yes, I am going.. Heck, I live 20 minutes away!
My brother (Ottawa) & I (Toronto) plan to go...though I heard arumour that the date was to be changed because of 9/11...any truth to this?
CES ends on 9-11, so I guess not. I am flying out on Jan 7th to be there when the show opens the next day.

I do know that several important manufacturers are not planning to show. I heard that Audio Research cancelled because the Gold Nugget said no more private shows in their hotel. Maggie, Theta and others also showed privately at the Nugget, I don't know if they cancelled or went in with "The Show."

"The Show" has had problems as well, cancelling their hotel at the 11th hour and moving. I think they are now at the Rio. Better check upon arrival, it has been a mess.
albert: "the show" canceled at the rio; not sure where they may be now. the nugget, for some inexplicable reason, didn't allow any of its "regulars" to display there. hence, avalon won't be at ces, either. FWIW, boulder will be static in its alexis park suite, tho thiel will be using boulder electronics in their room. i'm going to decide tomorrow whether i'll attend ces-2002. not much new expected, but the prices of rooms and airfare keep declining! -cfb
That's a shame. It was always nice to escape from the "zoo" and visit friends at The Golden Nugget.
From the CES web site:

"Bradbury Anderson of Best Buy, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Greg Drew of 800.com, Alan McCollough of Circuit City, Leonard H. Roberts of RadioShack and Meg Whitman of eBay."

Yeah, these would be my choices for people I would trust to discuss high-end audio and recommend components for my system. Geez.

They can't use the intelligent high end people, the general public and much of the CES crowd do not recognize their name.

How often do people ask you if you use Bose because it is the best of high end?
Albert, my sister-in-law was over on x-mas. We were sitting around listening to music through my newly acquired table, arm cartridge set-up, wonderful. She works in a large Department store selling appliances. You know what she asks me? Why don't you get one of the "small surround-sound (presumably Bose) systems where the music envelopes you in sound"? This is after acknowledging how beautiful and involving the music sounds but.... "But WHAT ELIZABETE?"

Oh what is it they don't hear or is the marketing THAT good?
Amar Bose is a Pied Piper, that's what he is, plain and simple! Somving very subliminal going on hear hear and we need to find out vhat it is before it's too late.
They do not PAY ATTENTION whilst listening...TG...to busy following up on AsTheWorldTurns or some similar palaver...don't worry, most of the will NEVER get it...their loss and our gain!

Happy New Year and just keep on listening!

I believe the people who were displaying at the Rio have moved to the Tuscany. I know Talon and Power Snakes will be set up there.
I can't wait, and yes! T.H.E Expo will be held at the Tuscany.
i'll be at CES; staying at the Hard Rock. I hope to see other audiogoners there.