who is Franco Corelli?? where to buy his LPs??

hi, Folks,

I have one corelli's Lp, he sings neapolitan Songs(mono), and I am very impressed his voice and passion in the music.
but i am not able to find many his LPs?? please shed some lights.... thanks

Corelli was the leading tenor of his generation and then just stopped singing a year before he was to appear in Otello. He made a lot of complete opera recordings for Decca and EMI, which shouldn't be hard to find from the used dealers--Aida, Turandot, Carmen, Trovatore, Tosca, Turandot,and Norma are the ones which come immediately to mind. He had an astounding, huge, beautiful voice, but wasn't the most sensitive interpreter--even for an Italian tenor.
HELL of a tenor. More complete recordings are: I Pagliacci, Cavalleria Rusticana, Manon Lescaut, Andrea Chenier, and numerous pirated recordings. LPs? That's a tough one.
Gottlieb is absolutely right. Corelli makes today's tenors appear to be midgets. One caution. He can be vulgar at times and his French is inexcusably sloppy. Avoid the recordings of Faust and Romeo et Juliette. Gedda, for example, speaks idiomatic French and a lyric voice is better suited for the role. Even Alagna is good in these roles.
Of course, you are "politically correct", but, and it's a BIG butt, who else are you going to hear with that much voice doing the roles you mentioned? It certainly isn't Gedda or (really!) Alagna. I'm sorry about Alagna. I tried one of his aria CDs and IMO this is an unfinished techique that is going to cut the good part of his career short. Yeah, he's a jillionaire and all that but it's too bad he hasn't gotten it all together.

You want thrills, chills, and spills, you go with Corelli.

P.S. I LOVE Gedda.
thanks, folks, for all your insightful information.