Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?

I want to upgrade my digital side … (currently Bluesound Vault 2i feeding the DAC of Oppo 105) … plan to spend around $2k … since I’ve ripped all my CDs to the Vault, thinking of spending it all on a DAC, and retire/sell the Oppo while it still has some value. I do have a few older CDPs I could retain as backup, but not sure why I would ever need.

Alternatively, was considering a better combined CDP/DAC like a newer Marantz or Yamaha … upgrades DAC performance some, and a reliable spinner for quite a few more years … but I have very few SACDs, so feeling like this would be the tail wagging the dog.

In what direction have you been migrating?
If one were to get a CD player, what would be recommended at the 1-2k price range?

I would prefer transport so I could use an external DAC, but what is everyone using to listen to their CD's now a days in the HiFi world? CDP's are the just one of many things I've yet to check out in HiFi, I did go all in on the streamer already with my Innuous Zenith MK3 (arriving this week).

Obviously I have tons to look into, but any suggestions would help.

My current DAC is the Gustard X26 Pro, which I do enjoy as a reference for sound.

Cambridge Audio CXC cd transport only, is good for the money new or used Mki or Mkii same thing
Cheers George
Retired and happy to stick with the humble CD they sound Ok to me in my Naim CD555DR.


Retired and happy to stick with the humble CD they sound Ok to me in my Naim CD555DR.

Nothing wrong with that Naim, about as good as you’ll get for a one box player, best Multibit R2R dac chip, with last best HDCD chip and the transport’s no slouch either, but the laser will be a problem come replacement time.

R2R Dac-PCM1704 –


Laser- Philips CD-Pro 2M

Cheers George

Oh man, physical music collections are so quaint.  Roon with Tidal and Qobuz let me explore new music EVERY DAY.  My musical knowledge is growing so quickly these days.  New, old, whatever.  Incredible sound quality if you invest in a good digital setup.  Why would I want to be a slave to my very finite collection?  Sometimes I listen to random tracks, sometimes whole albums, it’s all good!  Bonus feature: a lot less non-recyclable plastic garbage in my house.