Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?

I want to upgrade my digital side … (currently Bluesound Vault 2i feeding the DAC of Oppo 105) … plan to spend around $2k … since I’ve ripped all my CDs to the Vault, thinking of spending it all on a DAC, and retire/sell the Oppo while it still has some value. I do have a few older CDPs I could retain as backup, but not sure why I would ever need.

Alternatively, was considering a better combined CDP/DAC like a newer Marantz or Yamaha … upgrades DAC performance some, and a reliable spinner for quite a few more years … but I have very few SACDs, so feeling like this would be the tail wagging the dog.

In what direction have you been migrating?
troutki5040, please let us know how it sounds.
I've got the 1st pressing, 2 different mofi LPs and a mofi CD, so I tried to resist buying the new DSOTM SACD.... but I'm sure I only succeeded in putting it off for a day or two.
Many are migrating to all digital streaming and hard drive, and there is no doubt a good DAC can extract a lot of detail and make a great system. But the problem I see is that, because everything is at hand, your listening changes too and you just jump around rather than listening to a CD/LP that often the artist put a ton of time into to create a musical arc. It’s instant gratification time. So I still prefer to keep my CDs and Vinyl as physical music I put on and play through. 
So, like some other posts have mentioned I’d keep both the ‘shiny spinner’ and digital hard drive. Like you too I have a few SACDs but given there all but one playable as CDs too, opting for a new SACD is probably not the ‘best’ option. So it all comes down how you listen and interact with your music collection, but I’d buy the DAC and see how it all sounds before ditching anything!

I have ripped more than 1100 CDs with my Cocktailaudio X45Pro.  Just stick the CD into the slot and it rip's away to the HD.  The X45 automatically downloads meta data from web.  I have ripped to FLAC with no issues.  Occasionally the X45 finds the wrong meta data.  This can be easily corrected manually from several sources on the web.

I no longer use a preamp.  The X45 has all the features needed included digital balance, a feature that I find useful.  I just connect it to my Classe amp with balanced cables and my audiophile friends are amazed. 
Me, I’ve ditched my spinner. I still buy CD’s though, just to RIP them to my NAS drive, which is a RAID array, so built in backup.
The sound quality from the CD RIP via my optimised Ethernet network to my Bricasti M5 streamer to the DAC is in a different league to the same CD played directly on a £2000 CD player.
Hard drives crash and you can't back up everything. Cloud services change owners or even worse just vanish. Meanwhile, I have a radio station's worth of CDs, SACDs, some vinyl and an OPPO and Onyko for the digital and a Music Hall turntable for the vinyl.

Some might call holding onto physical media being foolish but I prefer the peace of mind it gives. In fact, if I could go back and not dump my original vinyl collection and turntable, I would.

But best of all, if my wife outlives me, it'll give her something to sell.