Who is Concierto?

There seems to be a lot of advertising for the Concierto power cable line. Where did this company come from? It sounds Italian but I've never heard of them and I thought I was on top of who's who in cables. I would also like to know what type of engineering background this company has.And the flight case pictured with the cables in their ads.Is this really what the cable comes packaged in.Wow! The case alone looks expensive; and what do you do with the empty flight case? I imagine to travel a lot so you're never home to enjoy your new cables that came in the flight case... Has anyone done a comparison with other comparably-priced cables?
Hello Sherod. You should direct your questions to Larry Diaz of the Hi-End Palace in Miami. Larry sent two of the Concieto Grand power cables to me to try on approval to use with my Jeff Rowland 9TiHC mono amps. I was so impressed with the improvement in the sound that I sent a check to him the next day. You are right, the case does look expensive, and so do the cables. They are very attractive and appear to be well made. I have not compared them to similarly priced cables, but can tell you that they are far better than the Ensemble PC's which in turn are better than the Cardas Golden Cross PC's which I previously owned. I am awaiting a pair or Concierto Grand speaker cables to compare with the Transparent Reference cables which I am presently using. The company also makes interconnects.
If you are at all interested I encourage you to contact Larry. In addition to being a dealer he is a knowledgeable audiophile and is pleasant and easy to deal with.
Thanks Clarence for the feedback.I may contact Larry as I would like to know the engineering background on the builders of his cables.I realize the sound is the ultimate goal, but it is also important to me to know that the cables were designed by someone with knowledge of the laws of physics.