Who Is An Expert On Acutex Cartridges?

I am curious. What happened to the company? Did the 320 III LPM or the 320 III STR come first? I also know of a 420 STR. Where are they now?
No expert here, but a few details. The company was owned by Ken Kantor, who also owned a chain of audio stores on the East Coast in the 1970s. Acutex is long gone. I have a 315 and 320 lll STR and they are not particularly good cartridges by current standards. Time has moved on.
Dear Viridian: Thank you for the info.

I own the LPM and the 320 III, both perform a little different but loaded at 100K and with 100pf on capacitance both sound very good, do you already try yours in that way?, yes " time has moved on " and that's why I try those cartridges in a " new " manner.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul, old friend, as usual, you have much greater insight than I do. I have not tried either at 100K. Thanks for the guidance.

Thank you both for answering. I really like them and was wondering what happened. Would you go as far as to say that a Soundsmith retip might not be too far fetched? New styli do not exist. There are some out there that fit, but they are quite cheap and would not provide anything close to the performance I am used to.