Who Is An Expert On Acutex Cartridges?

I am curious. What happened to the company? Did the 320 III LPM or the 320 III STR come first? I also know of a 420 STR. Where are they now?
No expert here, but a few details. The company was owned by Ken Kantor, who also owned a chain of audio stores on the East Coast in the 1970s. Acutex is long gone. I have a 315 and 320 lll STR and they are not particularly good cartridges by current standards. Time has moved on.
Dear Viridian: Thank you for the info.

I own the LPM and the 320 III, both perform a little different but loaded at 100K and with 100pf on capacitance both sound very good, do you already try yours in that way?, yes " time has moved on " and that's why I try those cartridges in a " new " manner.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul, old friend, as usual, you have much greater insight than I do. I have not tried either at 100K. Thanks for the guidance.

Thank you both for answering. I really like them and was wondering what happened. Would you go as far as to say that a Soundsmith retip might not be too far fetched? New styli do not exist. There are some out there that fit, but they are quite cheap and would not provide anything close to the performance I am used to.
I don't know why Audiogon dredged up this thread to put it on top, since the last post was in October, 2008, but, under Raul's influence, I purchased both an Acutex LPM320STRIII and the snub-nosed predecessor, the 320STRIII.  Whoever said these were "mediocre" cartridges was misguided.  These are very very fine cartridges that can play on the same level with modern and expensive LOMC cartridges, like my Audio Technica ART7.  I am currently running the LPM320 on my Victor TT101 and the ART7 right next door on a Lenco in a Dynavector DV505 tonearm, both feeding a Manley Steelhead, and the only real difference between them is with bass frequencies, where the ART7 seems to have more definition and to dig deeper.  But even that could be an artifact of the two different tonearms in use and how the two cartridges mate with them, respectively.  I intend to switch them around in order to make that determination.  But by itself, the Acutex is a gem.
I worked for their biggest dealer in early 70’s ,
He bought them by the hundreds , the 320’s were very good and cost him about 30$ .
He sold almost every cart made , my personal favorite was the Empire ED9 followed closely by Pickering 4000 .
Best bang for the buck ever was Shure 91ED .
I had my 420STR re-tipped by Axel a while back with a Shibata stylus...much quieter presentation. I could not be happier!
The 320 in all its variations was/is an induced magnet type.  If memory serves me, the 400 series (including the 420) were conventional MMs.  Probably different from the 300 series in sonic character.