Who is an audiphile? In 1957 they were builders, not buyers

I found a very interesting article about the history of phonographs, turntables, etc.  What caught my attention was that, according to this article, in 1957 an audiophile was not a buyer but a builder and innovator:

audiophiles developed component systems with separate turntables, leading to a subculture of kit building, utilizing the likes of Garrard or Thorens turntables and Grado Labs phono cartridges.

Full text here:


Back then the true audiophile was one who could successfully talk his wife into allowing him to double up his system to the new stereo craze. 
Thanks for the article!!
Wow thats great!!
Audi's are okay, but I prefer BMW's ;-) .
I wouldn’t want to be in 1957.  Even the midfi  gear of today will blow away the Premium gear back then, not to mention work more reliably.  And more importantly, the choice of music available for listening is much better.  No rose colored idyllic days of yore for me

In the sense of what we have to listen to, I agree. In the sense of audiophiles becoming buyers more than listeners and experimenters I do not.