Who Imports and sevices Koetsu's Now?

I talked to musical surroundings and was told they no longer deal with Koetsu.If they don,t who does for repair or purchase of a new Koetsu.If someone knows please supply phone #.Thanks.
I would think that any of the current koetsu dealers particualy the online dealers such as, acoustic sounds, the needle doctor, or music direct would probably have some idea what's going on.
In lieu of that, if you need a cartrige rebuilt or repaired Melvin Ang, who is their southeast asia distributor, would probably see that your needs are met. He is a true gentlemen and very reliable. His email is available thru his website. Seach koetsu/sotheast asia.

One of the best dealers I've ever had contact with is John Barnes at Audio Unlimited http://www.audiounlimiteddenver.com.

I have no commercial interest in making this recommendation. John is a straight-shooter and has been a Koetsu dealer for as long as I can remember.

Don't talk to Carl however who is their home theater guy. His brain will lock up at the mention of two channel audio and especially analog. You will run away screaming.

Having Carl on hand however allows John to do what he loves best 2 channel analog.

Thom @ Galibier
But all Koetsu dealers work with an importer/distributor so I wonder who that is now...