Who Here Has Owned or Has Ears on Experience With Pathos Inpol Amplifiers???

They have an Integrated Amplifier/DAC I really like but no way to demo anywhere near my area.Curious as to build quality,CS & of course the sound..Anyone care to comment?
I have had Pathos Inpol 2 integrated.(45w A class hybrid amp)
Perhaps it would be easier for you to find and hear Pathos Classic integrated amp, as soundwise, they are very alike.
The bigger, more expensive model does everything 'better', on 'scale of things' but their sonic signature is very much similar.

The inpol 2 does not prefer heavy loads and is little bit shy on the bass, it reacts on change of tubes and generally speaking it can be described as 'sweet and vivid' sounding amp. (I listen unamplified music of small ensambles)
It has switch power supply that I do not prefer ( I needed to service amp because of it) but company offered great customer service.
I bought my amp in sh for roughly half amount and that was a fair price.
For the price of the new, I would look elswhere.