Who has used a Genesis Digital Lens?

I read about these many moons ago. They are selling used for around $600. Have you used one in your system, what digital components did you use with it, and was there a significant improvement. Have you compared it to any other units? If so what were they and how did they compare?

Happy Listening.
I currently use a Lens. I have it inline between my Sony DVP-555ES and my Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC. I previously had the lens between a cheapie Sony DVD player and my Rotel receiver (acting as DAC). That old combo, before the Lens, made your ears bleed. I chalk it up to horrible jitter in the original source. Putting the lens in place was an incredibly positive experience and really sold my wife and me on the importance of good equipment. I think $600.00 is a bit high but it may be that the Lens is just selling for more than it was 3 months ago. I picked mine up for $475.00 with the plastic remote.
I've had mine for about three years (paid $350 but that was a lucky find). It does wonders between my Theta Data Basic II transport and Gen Va balanced. I use the XLR input and output. The coax input is used for the LASER disc player and the BNC input is used for the DVD player, so it makes a handy digital switching center. The improvement in sound is amazing. More open sounding, wider stage, more depth, etc, etc. I woudn't be without it.
more like $400 range yes works very well very audible
I'd spend that money on power delivery/noise control...

I already have 4 dedicated AC lines, Foundation Research power cords that are line conditioning, other options Exact Power or Shunyata Hydra but I have not heard that big of an improvement over what I am using now. Have you used the lens? What are your exact thoughts on it? What suggestions do you have on noise/power delivery for me?

A power cord is no substitute for proper filtration, especially when dealing with digital gear. Regardless of whether it's the Genesis, Monarchy, or any other device, you are adding another component, another power cord/filtration issue, another digital cable (with its inherent *issues*), need for footers/cones, etc.

I am a big proponent of proper ground filtration, for a start. So are Dejan Veselinovic, the European audio reviewer and Dan Wright. Dan told me he uses a Bybee to filter the ground of his DIY Jon Risch filter, but that he's reluctant to try to sell the idea to people. To many people, it might sound like he just wants to sell another Bybee. To me, filtering the ground is a requirement. Ground filtration is a rarely discussed subject.

I am not following you completely. I have bybees in the Talon Raven C speakers so I know what they do. The Foundation Research cords have AC filters built into them (big box to filter the sound in the middle of each cord) this the LC-1 model number. I have pointers and footers but I just did not list them in my system, plus other stuff like room treatments too.

What exactly are you recommending that I try to audition?

Thanks again

FYI- the current in vogue jitter reducer/clocking machine is the Apogee Big Ben.
Iv'e used a Genesis Digital lens for at least three years between a CEC TL-X1 and a Mark Levinson # 35 20 bit Dac. Any dac that is lower than 24 bits benefits from using the lens, as in blacker backrounds, extended extremes, focus of soundstage, et al. All the other stuff noted above Bybee, power conditioners etc. although excellent additions, have nothing to do with reducing jitter.
Peter- unless you've modified the switch mode power supply in your Sony, you haven't fully addressed noise control. AC line filters/conditioners don't do anything to
address noise being generation inside your CDP, other than
keep it out of your other components.

I currently have a Genesis Digital lens running the lastest
software, between my transports and my TacT RCS, connected
with Au24 AES/EBU cables. In my system with power supply mods on my transports and TacT, it adds a subtle improvement. Everything sounds more relaxed, more like live music.

I don't see a DAC or digital procecssor listed in your system, so I don't understand how you'd use a lens.
Used one for many years between a Counterpoint transport and a Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 Mk II. Made a real worthwhile upgrade. Then sold the whold shebang to get an all in one player.
Peter, if you try one with your Audio Logic DAC, I will be interested to hear what you think of it. It might be interesting to ask Jerry Ozment for his thoughts. - Brooks
If you get one, make sure it has the metal remote. I used to have mine along with TWO Pro 32's.