Who has tried Virtual Dynamics cables?

I recently purchased the Signature line of Virtual Dynamics cables (power, speaker, and interconnects) to replace Transparent Reference speaker, Nordost Quatro Fil interconnects, and Shunyata Powersnake Viper V1 and V2 power cords. I found a significant improvement in clarity, detail, lower background noise, tighter bass, and a greater sense of being there. The improvements were so significant, I took my Shunyata Hydra out of the system. Obviously, I probably should have replaced one set of cables at a time so that I could evaluate one change at a time. However, Rick at Virtual Dynamics indicated the cables work together better and, of course, I couldn't wait to hear them. Has anyone tried them as a complete set?
Hey Jim,

I also outfitted my whole system with Virtual Dynamics. I have the Reference Shotgun Speaker, Ref IC, Audition PC's.
I started with just the PC on the digital and there was a huge improvement. One guy I talked to about these cables "Jeff" has the Ref. Shotgun and he was comparing them to some Nordost Valhalla's. I think I'm going to get a new DAC with all the money I saved by getting the Virtual Dynamics cables :)
Hi Jim, I was first awakened to the Virtual Dynamics line of cables and cords by Audiogon member Ewha. He had noticed nice changes with just a single Basic power cord. I replaced 3 Absolute Power Cords with VD Power 2s and was just plain stunned at the difference.

I'm thinking of trying the entire Audition package which Rick is selling here on Audiogon discounted. Try running a search in the discussion forum here, as I know there is at least one current thread running regarding Virtual Dynamics and a few more less recent ones singing their praises.

Boy, those Signature cables must be sweet!
I spoke with Rick a two years ago about cables. He recommended using Romex 12AWG/3 for speaker cables. Join two conductors together for ground, use one for hot.
He said he liked it better than all the $$ stuff, and used it in his ref system for comparing his passive pre designs.
Sheesh! Told me too many of his preamp customers were yelling at him to make some cables so I guess he finally complied (to make some $$, eh?).
I tried the Romex, and found it less detailed and rougher than my Red Dawn, so back in the basement it went....
Wonder what his cables are made of?
Rick will give you a very comprehensive discussion of his technology if you will call him. His web site is http://www.virtualdynamics.ca/home.htm. I am no electrical engineer. I trust my ears. I have tried a number of cables over the last few years. Even on the used market these cables are very expensive. Changing cables has been a very incremental process. I still was not satisfied when I heard about Virtual Dynamics. Rick's money back quarantee and current special pricing encouraged me to try the entire set of cables. (Also, I felt comfortable I could sell all my current cables and make up the price for the VDs) I am not looking anymore. I am just listening to music. I would have never imagined I would have replaced all my cables at one time, and, much less, have been as satisfied as I am now. Of course, I will never say that I will never change them. (Boy, my wife sure wishes I would say that!!). There are many excellent cables on the market and new ones are coming out all the time. Anyway, I just wondered if other folks who had bought the cables were having the same experience. Also, I wanted other philes to consider them since they are so effective and relatively inexpensive.
Agon member Bryceeboy is comparing the Vd wire against other highly regarded wire. Can't wait to hear what he has to say. Don't mean to put you on the spot Bryceeboy, but I value your opinion. There must be a better way to abbreviate this wire. VD don't sound like something I want. I do like the fact that he will give you your money back if not satisfied. Shows this man to be very confident in his product. Does it come with some kind of protection from social diseases?
Brulee, I've got VD thrice, and I love them! Done wonders for my system! I'm thinking of upgrading the VD ladder and also springing for some ICs too. When and if that happens, I plan on lending our friend Dekay my three VD Power 2s to see if he likes them in his system, although his wife may not appreciate it. :•)
I Have one of the signature pc's on my cd player and was really impressed. I ordered another 20 amp cord for my Roland model 10 amp. I've heard they really open the Roland gear up. I'm trying to sell some coincident sc's and ic's to purchase some of the "nite" series sc and ic's.
Oops! I stand corrected! I mistakenly remembered a conversation with the guru at Virtual MODE...not Dynamics.
Sorry. (Damned gingko isn't worth crap!)
Gunbei, Glad to hear such positive remarks. Could you be so kind in telling me what you have compared them with. Also, what kind of VD do you have? I mean what model?
Yes, I have a feeling you are right about our good friend Dekay. I would imagine the last thing Dekay's wife wants is 3 new versions of VD. Dekay and VD. Interesting thought.
Ya know I love ya Dekay.

Bryceeboy, anything new to report or still have a lot of break in to do?
Brulee, the VD reference cables that I've got still have lots of breaking in to do also. I've only had them for a little while, so they're not really there yet. I noticed that Rick's power cords did take some time to break in, and the same seems to be true for the rest of the cables.
In a couple of weeks I should be able to give you a conclusion. My first impression was the increase in resolution. In the first few seconds I could tell that there was much more getting to my speakers than before. The noise floor has disappeared AGAIN! I thought it was quiet after adding the Audition cord, but now it is really scarry :) If you have any other questions, please let me know.
I forgot to let you know that I've been using a cable cooker to burn in the IC's. After a few days with the cable cooker, they calmed down a bit. I hook the IC's up to the cable cooker every day. If you have some friends with one, definitely use one.
I just got 2 power 3 in the mail today.

Virtual Dynamics=making us very good story tellers on Audiogon. I mean it in a good way, perhaps.
What do you mean Viggen? Let them break in for a couple of weeks... When I got my Power 3's, they were very grainy and had edgy highs. After a couple of weeks all that went away. Get back to us when they're done breaking in.
Hey Buck,

Yup, its burning on. Got it hooked up to my trans and dac and leaving it on repeat.
Viggen, a quicker way of breaking in the PC is to hook them up to a higher wattage/amplitude amp or light bulb. The dac and trans only use about 15 watts at the most. I had mine hooked up to my computer for a while and it worked nicely. If you can, hook it up to something above 100W.
Thanks for the tip, Buck.

I might as well start story telling.

Part 1 (first impressions)

1) Received two pizza boxes. The delivery took about one week.
2)Opened box. Revealed one humongous cord that weighs about 5 times the weight of my Lat International power cord. Suppose I am to use it as a whip, it can be lethal.
3) The jacket is very stiff, and it seems to be filled with sand.

Part 2 (no burn in time)

1) My mellow Cal Alpha/Delta became home theaterish.
-Bass is very strong, more detailed mid but sounds cold.
-"Air" is reduced.
2) Listening volume level increased.
-I assume my ears can tolerate turning up the volume because VD reduces junk in the AC.
3) Speaker doing a better dissapearance act.

Part 3 (day 2)
1) Received a PS Audio Juice Bar in mail.
-Removed Rotel line conditioner.
-Plugged (1) Power 3 cord from wall to Juice Bar.
-Plugged (1) Power 3 cord from wall to amp.
2) Replaced old power cords.
-Plugged Lat pc from Juice Bar into dac and trans.
-Plugged Mapleshade pc from Juice Bar into preamp (meridian 518).
3) Sound is very neutral and unfatiguing.
-No more home theater sound.
-Bass not as overly emphasized as before yet still strong.
-Mids has more softness, not dry as before.

Part 1-3 Conclusion:

Stereo components are more dependent on powercords than before in my book. When I added the Lat and Mapleshade cords, they somewhat reduced midrange glare and added some air to my system. By adding the VD power 3, and take it as both good and bad, its like adding a bigger power supply to my amp and front end.

More to come...
Thanks Viggen, I also had the same results with the Virtual Dynamics on the first couple of weeks of break in... Like I said before, plug them in to a high wattage/amplitude amp for a while and give them time to burn in.
Hey Buck, I am using a laptop. I don't have anything in the house that uses an IEC input other than my rice cooker (actually my rice cooker doesn't have one either).

Part 4 Swapping Cables

Power Cords
(1) Power 3 cable from wall to juice bar
(1) Power 3 cable from wall to amp
(2) Lat AC2 from juice bar to trans/dac
(1) Mapleshade PC from juice bar to preamp
Now-ceteris peribus cept...
(1) Power 3 cable from juice bar to transport
(1) Lat AC2 from juice bar to amp

Comment: I thought the best cable ought to be placed from wall to juice bar thus every component connected to the juice bar would benefit. But, that is not the case. Placing the Power 3 directly into the transport has much better results.

Speaker Cable
(1) Audiotruth Argent on hi
(1) Audioquest Midnight on low
Removed Midnight from low
Attached gold plated jumpers

Comment: By adding (2) Power 3 cords, my system has "virtually" increased "dynamics" to the point where the sound is more virtual than natural (no equivocation here sirs). Naturalness returned by switching from bi-wire configuration to full range.

Part 4 conclusion:

It is my goal to be as objective as possible for the sake of readers who might actually read this and base their judgments on this data. However, I remember back when I was 13 years old, and I was listening to Aztec Camera's High Lands, Hard Rain from 2AM until 7AM on vinyl. That was one of my best listening experiences. I just had a similar experience listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto's BTTB. It's been a long time I can listen to music without paying attention to the equipment. I am thinking about upgrading to Audition for my transport. Yes, I am impulsive.

Hey Viggen, It's nice to see that the cables are starting to open up for you. Believe me, the changes you are noticing now are nothing in comparison to what the Virtual Dynamics speaker cables and IC's can add to the system. The Audition PC you are looking at is worth the bump up from the Power 3.
Leave the system on 24/7 and you will keep hearing the improvements for the next few weeks.
Hi, I just wanted to let you all know that Rick with Virtual Dynamics is now offering full cryogenic treatment of his interconnects, power cords and speaker cables. He said even if you already own his cables and cords you can send them back to him for the cryo treatment if you want it done.

Rick just recently got the cryo-freezer and has been able to get the cables down to about minus 190. If you'd like some info on cryogenic treatment, Buckingham directed me to some good info on it at the Jena Labs website.

I ordered the first Audition Package of cables with the full cryo-treatment. I should get them in 2-3 weeks, and after proper break-in I'll post my impressions.
Recieved 2 Power 3's today. They will be used on a pair of Jeff Rowland model 3's. Will give updates on the break in as time goes by.
Cool deal Bro57, the Power 2s did wonders for my system's sound. Looks like a whole lot of us will be trying out Rick's cables and cords, then writing reviews.
I have used Reference PC/IC/digital/speaker cable and Power one PCs throughout my system since August, 2001.
I found out what those cables do is to make all components
more efficent. I am very happy about the result those cables
brought to my system.To hear is to believe.
I had three VD power cords sent here from a friend who lives overseas. We send each other cables at times to try and since VD was on this continent he asked if I would want to try them and then send them off to him. I thought that would be cool. The cords were The Audition, the Power 2 & the Power 3. I already had great cords here. I had the incredible David Elrod EPS Ribbon cable on the amp, the Shunyata Cobra on the Transport, Black Mamba on the DAC, & BMI Whale on the pre amp. I would LOVE to find a cheap cord like the $200 Audition and sell off my cords for a few grand any day.
Well they arrived and first thing I did was unplug the BMI Whale and stick the Audition on the pre amp. Thought that since bothof these cords are made by small direct sales companies that promise to give sensational bang for the buck it would be a great place to start. Plus, the Whale delivers a pretty good sound at the $400 price point. Bass was phenomenal! Very punchy and BIG! That was an immediate in-your-face hook. However, after a few minutes I noticed that now the vocals were pushed WAY out front. Then I noticed that the delicacy of the bells, triangles, and such were just plane veiled in comparison to the Whale. I know about burn in so I took it down to the "B" system in the basement and plugged it on my subwoofer for a couple weeks where it would get lots of use. Bringing it back into the main rig was still not on par w/ what I had here already. I tried it everywhere. It never fell flat on its face, but the concept that this was going to be a giant killer that would beat down $1,000 power cords was just not coming true IN MY SYSTEMS. Dynamics were just not as impactful throughout. Vocals were sort of unnatural in comparison to the cbales mentioned, & the details were just not as well delineated as the other cables. Transients were good, but not lightening fast like I have been experiencing before the VD went in.
One thing is I know that it can be cost effective to use three single solid core 10 awg cables to make a power cord. Lot less labor than hand twisting all those individual strands of copper, silver, and such. Still, most companies learned long time ago the faults of this large single solid core design. That being said, I DID like the Audition better than the PS Audio Mini Lab cable. So at it's $200 price point the VD Audition is a viable alternative that will yield INCREDIBLE results compared to those nasty stock cords manufacturers send w/ their gear. However, I am leaning that most of the time you get what you pay for.
FWIW, I have since replaced the BMI Whale on my pre amp w/ the Mikro Omega power Cord w/ Active Shielding. IMS this PC beat the Whale just about as badly as the Whale beat the Audition. W/ the OM on the system instead of the Whale I actually got BETTER bass, more detail on all frequency ranges, and the wamrest most natural vocals you can imagine. One note here is my Pre is a tube design & many times I hear how tubes take to ribbons like a duck to water. YMMV!!
So is the OM the "best" cord I have heard? NO! The David Elrod EPS line of ribbon power cords is the most transparent & dynamic cable I have ever heard IMS & that INCLUDES interconnects, digital , & speaker cables. It made that kind of a difference. Then again, you certainly can't get one of those for the price of an Audition, Whale, Omega Mikro, or even Cobra. So the VD is a great place to start one's path up the foodchain of PCs. The truely amazing thing though is how does VD sell their one monster cable for $50, the power three I think? That thing is bult like a tank!
Blazter, thanks for the review. I am contemplating on upgrading from Power 3 to Audition. Your review has given me lots of food for thought. Finally, someone on this website isn't telling others to "just do it."
Part 5 Moving P3 cord into Dac

-P3 cord from wall to juicebar
-Lat Int. AC2 from juicebar to Dac
-Lat from wall to juicebar
-P3 from juicebar to dac

Comment: There is tremendously more air at the lost of lower frequency oomph. I have 3 individual theories, althought they can be construed as one:
1) Because the Lat cord is connected to the juicebar, and the Lat does have an airy sonic signature, the rest of my system's signal production has become airier, especially the amp since its getting a double dose of Lat cord's effects now.
2) Since my dac uses tubes, the P3,being directly connected to it, is revealing more of its characteristics.
3) Since the amp is no longer getting the benefits of dynamic filtering, it might have lost some of its lower current abilities.

I love the added airy quality to my system; 3 dimensionality has improved along with better better ability to recognize subtle details; it almost sounds like an all tube system. I would like some of the lower frequency to come back. I might have to go back to bi-wiring. I assume I will lose some cohereny in the midrange if I do that.
An obvious solution, one might think, is to add another VD cable to either the juicebar, the amp, or both. I am sort of quagmired; would adding another vd power cord improve the current sound or merely alter it, trading in air for dynamics. Also, since money is tight, assuming I am to get more VD cords, should I get (2) more P3 or should I get (1) P3 and (1) Audition. I am under the assumption that my trans will harness more audible improvements by using Audition instead of P3. Wishful thinking?
I shall continue another night. I am pooped.
Looks like I killed this room. Viggen, 239482; room, Zero!

Part 6--aspects of power 3

No change in cable configuration since part 5.

Since I last plugged the pair of Power 3 cords into my trans/dac, I've mentioned that the system garnered a huge sense of air and space. However, my soundstage sounded a little confused.

Keep in mind, I live in an apartment complex, so my late nigth listening levels are very low. I turned up the volume to my usual listening level this afternoon, and I am sort of dissapointed.

The tube-ish air quality is there in the highs, and the bass is taught; however, there is something missing in the middle of the soundstage that wasn't missing before I put both the P3 cords on my trans/dac.

My assumptions are many:

1) Inferior quality power cords from wall to juicebar and from juicebar to amp, which are both Lat Internationals.

2) Inferior quality power cord from juicebar to Meridian 518, used as a preamp.

3) P3 cord adds musicality but lessens resolution (need higher gauge cord for digital?)

4) My interconnects and speakercable doesn't have synergy with VD cables, which are both Audiotruth.

5) AQ Emeralds might not have enough resolution, and it is known to round off the top.


1) I am planning to invest in a new interconnect, thinking the AQ Python. I just love the way AQ sounds. I think this is the weak link.

2) I am contemplating on splurging on the VD Reference power cords, to increase the gauge and dynamic filtering factor so to increase my dac/trans' resolution.

Comments: I've contemplated on getting the Audition package but I don't want to part with my AQ argent speaker cables, and I don't want to part with $1000.... The search goes on...
Viggen, thanks for your detailed reports. I'm sure many people considering Virtual Dynamics cables and cords will find your experience helpful. I have the Audition Package with full cryo treatment on order and should be receiving them in 1-2 weeks. I'm not as patient nor as thorough you, and will probably do a complete system wide swap out when they arrive. Plus, I want them to break in as fast as possible, so I'll most likely give them a listen when I first install them, then leave everything on and cycling for a few days. I'll probably listen every 24 hours or so to check the progress. I've been doing this with a newly acquired set of NOS tubes and I'm amazed how different they've sounded at each stage of break in. Keep us posted on your progress, and I'll write again when I feel confident that I can contribute any usable information. Later...
Hey Gunbei,

I guess Rick is taking his sweet time freezing and thawing his cables?

Man, a week is a long time to wait...

But, do keep us posted.

I will try to find your system on virtual system.. I think I saw it once.
Viggen, actually I've never posted a virtual system, because it keeps changing so often. But, I think I've settled into something that I both like and maxes out my budget. I'll definitely let you know what I think of the Audition Package when I get it.
Gunbei, you can edit your system once you've posted it. That's what makes it so cool!
I just order Signature Powercords and having them Cryo treated, I was told 3 weeks !!! yikes...long time !
Hi Mzn50. Yeah Rick said the orders are piling up and the wait will only get longer now that word is getting around about the cryo option and his cables in general. I should have my cryo'd wires in a week or two so I'll be able to give you a one week in advance preview. Good luck!
No wonder he hasn't replied my emails.... well maybe cuz it's the weekend.
My final assessment of VD P3 cables.

I highly recommend VD cables on amps and transports.

I feel Virtual Dymanic cords works best when with components have mechanical movements or has high current storage. I say this because it seems these components are the most vulnerable to vibration, and I feel there is some correlation between sharing alternating current with the rest of the city and micro-vibrations within your components.

As for components with no mechanical movement or low-level current, other cords might work better. You can use other brand cables as tone controls to suit your personal taste on preamps and such.

As noted earlier, VD cables are best when directly connected to components, compared to only connected it to an outlet splitter. This probably means other aftermarket powercords are still vulnerable to factors that will impede transports and amps from performing up to its potential.

That is my current personal assessment.
I just got a pizza box with a 10 lb snake in it for cheap.
How do I hang it without stressing the IEC connector? Since "mechanical" optimization appears to be part of the VD boilerplate, doesn't it make sense to reduce stress at the connector level? And the sucker needs more than 6" to turn a 90. Phew! I was going to try this on my 44 lb EMC-1, but I think it may even twist IT up in the air!
CDP, Pre or monos first? Thanks.
Sugaru, did you tip the pizza boy?

Which cable did you get? Power 1?

Personally, I think your digital will benefit the most from mechanical filtering. However, they might burn in faster by hooking it up to the amp.

I have the cable going up against the backwall and bending towards my components at a 90 angle over... about 6"... very tight fit. My P3, subjectively, almost outweigh my Cal Alpha and Delta. I think the IEC connectors are already loosened a bit.

Please share your assessments.
For sure start with the Digital. This will make the biggest difference.
Subaru, that's a good one, just think how my dinky Bel Canto DAC 1.1 went airborne with my VD Power 2s. The Auditions I'm getting have three smaller strands. so hopefully they'll bend easier.

Viggen, I'll keep your review and experiences in mind when I get my cables and go through the install.

You've had the VD cables longer than I have. I thought I'd have more to learn from you. Oh, I just ordered one Audition cord lastnite. It was one of those 4am, oops accidentally pressed "pay" on paypal.com, thingy.
"...accidentally pressed pay". I love that! I can't even count how many times I've gone "doh!" right after I pressed "order" or "buy".
Are all your unconscious purchases online pertaining to audio? Mine are. Usually, I am much more rational. Wait, I just spend $25 on a book on ebay. A rare english version of a japanese novel that probably costs $3 in japan.
I have had 2 Virtual Dynamics Power 3 cords hooked up to my CJ PV-14 and Krell KAV-250a over the past week. I had bought them hoping to broaden the soudstage, deepen the bass, add more air, liven the music - everything these cables have been reported to do. However...to date my system which once had a broad soundstage now sounds like it's comming from two boxes - my system which once had deep bass now has much less - my system which once had 'air' now has none - my system which once sounded 'live' now sounds 'veiled' - my system which once produced music 'effortlessly' now sounds 'constipated' - actually having to work just to get sound out of the boxes (B&W 803 II)

What is wrong???

Hi Erik, sorry to hear they didn't work out, which cords did you swap out for the Power 3s?

I'll be receiving the cryo'd Audition Package soon and am a bit nervous because if I don't like it, I've already sold all my speaker cables and will need to buy a new set. Presently, I have no music at all!
what cables in general do you use? I find the VD power cords can interact with the rest of the cables in a positive or sometimes not so positive way.
Since I listend to the VD power cords with almost 50 brands of different interconnects and speaker cables, I have some experience I could share, if I knew the rest of your cables.
The VD cables replaced the stock cables from the Krell and CJ - my Rotel 971 has the cable attached so that cable replacement is 'after' the warranty is up. Other cables in my system are Straight Wire Rhapsody II IC's and some very nice 10' Rhapsody II Bi-wire speaker cables thanks to a fellow A.G. member sale.

Perhaps it is me - I guess some people like very warm mellow sounds but I like articulate music at volume - lots of organ and big symphonic stuff. For example - the bass drum slams on the Firebird suite used to penetrate right through you with the stock PC's but now they timidly find thier way out of the speaker cabinets. Even my S.I. - after hearing me rave about the VD cables for two weeks said she was surprised that the sound just "wasn't 'there' anymore - kind of cloudy and not as brilliant as before"

Just wanted to pitch in with my results on the V.D. cords.

I recently replaced my Custom Power Model 11 with the V.D. "Audition" on my amp. After thorough break in, a DEFINATE improvement, in all areas. Especially notice a more "relaxed", and fluid presentation, with a much better defined (& w-i-d-e-r) soundstage.

Next, just for "grins", I replaced my Silver Audio Power Burst with the V.D. "Power 3" cord, on my PS P300. Didn't really expect much here, but again, same type of improvements -- blacker background, even further reducing the "strain" and glare, leaving a more relaxed, easier to listen to presenation. All with NO loss of detail or "rounding off" of the highs. All from a $50.oo cable!!

This guy Rick must be doing something right, and at his "promotional" prices he's got going right now, I would urge anyone & evryone to give 'em a try, before these cables inevitably "catch on", and he wisely raises his prices.

I guess as mentioned abaove, system synergy has a lot to due with it. I know I'M completely sold.

If I am not mistaken, Power 3 is a 16 gauge conductor with 14 gauge connects. That is too small for your krell and cj that are high current capacity components. Most stock cords are 14 gauge. You are better off with stock 14 than 16 gauge aftermarket cords.

If you are not looking for a more refined sound but more kick in your system, go find some large gauge power cable. Mapleshade and PS Audio will work well in this regard. And, if you are not too turned off by the Power 3, try the Power 2 or Audition.
O.K., I finally received my set of vd cables.{sig. pc's and ic}. I was very impressed right from the start. My search for cables is over. Now i've only have to start saving $$$ for a set of their speaker cables. Know anybody who wants some coincident cst's??
Has anyone compared the $199 Audition power cord to the $375 Reference power cord?

Also, what's actually different between the two PCs, e.g., gauge, connectors?