Who has tried "TIDAL" vs other streaming applications?

Hello, I'm new to Audiogon, this is my first posting into Forums.

I enjoy streaming audio from my PC and have been using Spotify for a number of years now (college student discount to premium $5 a month). I just recently stumbled upon a App called TIDAL, that streams Lossless 16/44.1FLAC with their "HI-FI" subscription (Student $10 a month). Since I can queue up Spotify and Tidal at the same time, I was able to do an A/B and used Dire Straits Brothers in Arms. I noticed that TIDAL indeed sounds better to me but am convinced none of my family members could tell a difference. I then did an A/B with TIDAL and the actual Brothers in Arms CD, to my surprise TIDAL sounded scary close, if not just as good as the CD! This is hard for me to believe, I think I'm just trying to justify the extra cost of TIDAL on a crazy tight student budget, maybe its a placebo effect? I need to drop one of the services, but which one? I would appreciate your thoughts please... Thank you!
My system:
PC = Gaming Rig I built myself, using dedicated high quality audio card.
Krell KAV 400xi integrated
Sonus Faber Electa's with Sunfire HRS Sub
Cambridge AZUR 840C CDP/DAC
Luxman T117 Tuner
Sony SCD - C2000ES SACD Player
Kimber Silver Streak throughout  

Tidal is a great way to go. Check out the Bluesound Node’s that allows you to add pretty much any streaming subscription out there to it as well as external hard drives. You control it using an app and you can hardwire it to your router. Has a built in DAC or you can send the signal straight to your amp. Got one used for $200.00 online and very happy with it. 
If I may offer some advice,  continue to have confidence and trust your ears and impressions. You're off to a good start and will be happiest in the long term by sticking to this simple rule. 
ricred1, you are not alone if buffering is an issue. I have the best router Time Warner has available, 200 down in addition to a powerful computer. No issues with other music or movie streaming websites. If packets was an issue it would be with other high bitrate streaming as well. Ran speedtest yesterday and it tested out well over 200. Last night with people over it started acting up. Pulled the plug on it immediately and switched over to spotify without a hitch. Only thing I can think of is they dont have stable west coast servers? idk
If you get to the root of the issue please post and share!
How do u get the stream from tidal from your computer into your stereo system 
Tidal is amazing in sound quality, just so wonderful. Coupled with Roon it sounds far better and as good or better than a cd played on a $4000 transport I owned. Roon combined with Tidal is the best digital I have heard to date. Roon may be out of reach for a college student, but others please take note. 

I tried computer based  audio and left it dismayed a couple of years ago. However with the advent of Roon, Tidal, and today's one box servers, computer front ends can be something altogether superior. Great times for us music lovers!