Who has tried Orbeck Stratti ?

I had noticed a company who imports speaker wire called the Orbeck Stratti, an 11 guage stranded wire with claims of amazing frequency response. I ordered a 12 ft pair which I have in my bedroom system and it appears to be much better than the 16 guage Monster Cable wire it replaced.I also examined it closely while I was putting the connectors on it and noticed a very unusual wrapping of the wires with cotton strands of insulation. I'm curious how these cotton strands improve the sound. Anyone else have some experience with this speaker wire ? I noticed that they also auction off a lot of their pure silver ic's both here on Audiogon and Ebay as well. Thanks for your feedback and/or testimonials.
I have 4 runs ... 2@30' and 2@35'.
I find them pretty good and price is very OK.

The cotton wrap seems to be a strength member / protector to limit the stress on / protect the copper.

Here is my conjecture ...

I suppose this would matter on very long runs where you have to suspend the cable ... making a loop out of the cords to suspend it.

The origin of the cable is the recording industry where there may have been a lot of cable movement and hanging of the wire.

Generall I am pleased with the cable.
The cotton is put into the construction so that the 4 conductors remain twisted thru out. It probably does little to aid the sound, but we do find the cable to be much better than most stuff out there (soting much more). The copper is of good quality and has a quality dielectric...besides the effective 11ga thickness. We are glad to hear that you enjoy the cable.