Who has the oldest bottle of Stylast?

Who has the oldest bottle of Stylast (that is in regular use)? Has anyone actually purchased a second bottle?
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I finally threw away my at least 20 year old bottle of Stylast because it had crud floatin' around in it. I broke down and opened a new bottle.
bought mine in the mid 80s but stopped using it quite a bit ago - I hate to put anything on the stylus because of liquids migrating up the cantiliver.

still have the bottle somewhere...

I am still on my first one and I think it is about 9 yrs old. I have used the Lyra SPT and it finally is gone so I now have bought the MoFi as it was highly recommended when I was placing an order for another bottle of Lyra. So with 2 bottles of cleaner and both about the same size. Well to put it in real life terms. I am willing them both to MoFi upon my demise. But he must promise to not allow any "crud" to develope. Gee Brad shake it once and a while.
Take it from KC and the Sunshine Band "Shake Shake Shake...Shake Shake Shake your bottle!!"
I have the same bottle since 1981 or so. Just checked and it is still clear and no crud floating in it. Could this qualify as NOS cleaner with vintage effects? Just think the air in the bottle is from the magic 80's. Well they were magic for me!
Mine is from the mid 80's. Also have record cleaner from same vintage.
Do they gain value with age?
Can I sell them for $200?
Stylast from 1980 and discwasher fluid from 1977 :-)

great vintage... nutty tones with a slight fruity finish
Just having a bottle around doesn't count! You still have to be using is regularly. Even if it's once every-other month or so.

I feel this should be the audiophile "housewarming" gift whenever someone gets their first table.
Here in Milwaukee at the museum we now have a display showing off the Dead Sea Scrolls, and it includes the bottle of Stylast found with the scrolls, which is mostly full yet.
Stylast from the 80's also a bottle of the original Pure record cleaner.
Anyone see sea monkeys swimming around in there?
1982 - used on a Bang and Olfsen 1700

use it? are you kidding, that would kill my cartridge / cantilever

prefer to use 4 step walker process on a loricraft
I still have my original tiny bottle of Discwasher SC-2 stylus cleaner fluid and stylus brush that I bought sometime in '82. Does that count?

Obviously used verrry sparingly! :)