Who has the best plasma monitor these days

I am looking to get a plasma monitor. I don't need a tuner within it. Just the screen. I have a cable tv supplier that already provides the HD tuner box with hdmi output. I am looking for a 42 or 50 inch screen. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks
Panasonic 700U is probably one of the best 42" sets out there in its size and price range. I bought two LCDs (actually brought them home, set them up, dialed them in) only to return them for inferior picture quality.

I was about ready to give up on the whole HDTV thing because I *thought* LCD was where it was at, and salesman were pushing LCD too. After returning the second set and doing some serious research I bought the 700U Plasma and could not be happier.

If you can spend more, go Pioneer Elite sets for sure. If not get a Panasonic and dont look back. Check the review on CNET.
NEW PIONEER ELITE - hands down, Panasonic close 2nd.
CES.....will be the preludium for the things to come.