Who has the best midrange 2A3 or 300B ?

I was lucky enough to get a pair of Epos M5 at a great price and would like to match it to a good tube amp with a great midrange. This is for a second system in my bedroom. If I make a move on this amp is next year with my tax return. It needs to be an integrated amp. Who has the most articulate and extended midrange of the two? Budget ? Under $1500 used.
The M5s are nice speakers, but they wouldn't be my first choice for use with 2A3 or 300B SET amps. Your speakers are 4 ohm impedence and 87db; I would look for something in the 8 or 16 onm range and higher efficiency' say 96db or better.

If you want to use a tube amp with M5s, try the Manley Stingray or Mahis. A Jolida hybris amp would also work great with these speakers.
Even if I only plan to use it at low volume ? This amp will be used with a Leak Throughline tube stereo tuner and a CD player. I will be listening to Jazz CDs, NPR and newsradio.
Even if I only plan to use it at low volume ?
It would most likely still not be a good match, sonically. The M5 has a very uneven impedance curve, most significantly in the mid-range, as seen in Figure 1 of Stereophile's measurements. That will result in an irregular frequency response when used with tube amps that do not have particularly low output impedance/high damping factor.

Also, the combination of a severe phase angle and low impedance occurring at about 4kHz figures to be a particular problem for a low powered amp.

Finally, the M5's are even less efficient than their specs would seem to suggest. Stereophile's measurement was 88db/2.83V/1m, which is only 85db/1W/1m at their 4 ohm nominal impedance (which closely corresponds to their measured impedance in the mid-bass region, where a lot of musical energy occurs).

-- Al
Thanks for the info. I will be looking for a higher powered amp then since I really like this speakers.
I'd look at something based around the EL34 or EL84 tubes. The Manley amps are great with the right tubes.