Who has seen Bon Iver on this new tour?

Saw them a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Just found out it was Colin Stetson on the sax for this tour. He has to be the best sax man going. the band that Justin has but together for this tour has to be one of the best going in the past few years. So of the best musicians in rock playing something original and such a breath of fresh air.
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I saw them a couple of weeks ago, and I agree. They were terrific.
I have never seen them, but both of their albums are fantastic!! I am a huge fan!!!
Here is a live show from the NPR series.
Am I the only one who does not 'get' Bon Iver? I bought their latest album and tried to like it but eventually got rid of it. I appear to be in the tiny minority.
I didn't think much of the first album when I first heard it, but it really grew on me. I like the second (and the new songs were great live, stripped of sometimes overdone production), but not as much as the first.

I really don't like Bon Iver either.
I don't care for them either, Mike.
I really didn't care for the new album at first but now that I have seen it played live I so get it now. I just can't stop playing it.
The new album is STELLAR without ever hearing it live.
His first one knocked my socks off but the latest one never really jived with me. I saw his last tour and it was okay.