Who has more Rock, Tidal or Qobuz?

i have been streaming Deezer for a few years. But I have been looking at a new streamer and very few support Deezer. But they all seem to support Tidal & Qobuz. So I guess it is time to make a switch, and since my musical preference is Rock, I figured, who better to ask. 

Thank you in advance.





I have tried Amazon, but really didn't care for their setup on finding titles and setting up playlists. But they were just out of the box and have maybe made improvements. 

fuzztone, forgive my ignorance but what is LMS? And how do I determine if a streamer has this option?

Thank you


Just curious if Tidal is available on android phones without additional fee. I do use Deezer quite a bit in the car, and hate to lose that option.