Who has made their own LP cleaning solution?

I would be interested to know how many Audiophiles have made their own LP cleaning solution? And I would like to know how to make my own record cleaning solution that won't harm my LP's? Thanks for any input.
You're going into controvertial territory that has been covered many times in the archives. Most of us old timers have mixed our own cleaning solutions but have abandoned using them because the commercial cleaners are clearly superior and don't cost that much. Record Resarch Labs has probably the greatest cult following in the audiophile community and are very good products and there is no arguement about the safety of these fluids. Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions is a very popular newer product that many feel is superior to anything else although there have been a few that question the long term effects of leaching of plasticizers in the vinyl. AIVS is what I use and am not concerned in the least about long time vinyl stability. As a side benefit it is much less expensive than RRL products and in my experience has an anti-static property which is nice since I use a felt mat on my platter.

Most home brew fluids contain distilled water mixed with lab grade isopropyl alcohol and either a couple of drops of Kodak Photoflow or Dawn dish washing detergent. Even the Library Of Congress has a recipe posted for home brew and the original Keith Monks RCM used essentially the same mixture of roughly 70% water and 30% alcohol.

Pick your poison but at least use a wet vacuum system. Not doing so will result in less than satisfactory results in my opinion.
Can't add much to Lugnut's views except an endorsement, particularly of the AIVS fluids. Harry Weisfeld (VPI) posted his own home-brew recipe some time ago on Audio Asylum: Take gallon container, add 16 oz. of Isopropyl alcohol, fill it with distilled water, add about 8 drops of Dawn. I've used it, and it works fine, but the AIVS stuff is significantly better. Dave
Where can I buy the AIVS solution?
For the people who can't find the search button to buy Paul's Stuff, AKA AIVS
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For the people who can't find AIVS using the search button

I say that tounge in cheek, becuase you have to search Audio Intlligent Vinyl Solutions, not AIVS. Paul, you really need to make it easier on those of us who hate to type!

Paul's AIVS solution is what I use, and it is the best that I've found.

Paul is also a very nice and gracious person, and a pleasure to deal with.
For those who would like to delve a little further into this subject, may I recommend the following site:

Another notch for Paul's stuff.Give it a shot and enjoy the music.
There is a review of Paul's stuff on the current issue of Positive-Feedback and a couple of DIY recipes are listed. I used the one that was printed in Absolute Sound for a coupls of years and tried a couple of the commerical multiple step solutions mentioned by the author as well. I concur w/others here on 'gon that Paul's stuff is excellent. It's simply the best that I have come across. I recommend Paul's solutions most highly.
I read in last months stereophile that Michael Fremmer is planning a review of various cleaning solutions in a near future issue. I hope he includes AIVS in the shootout - it is also my preferred cleaner.
I have a dumb question.I never inferred that I was "smart" anyway!Do the more popular fluids have a shelf life?
Ben Stiller makes his own. Cameron Diaz found other uses for it as well.
Hey Bob (Jyprez), talk about serendipitous timing ... at the urging of Arnie Goodman (proprietor of Blue Storm Music -- check out his website www.bluestormmusic.com for outrageously good prices), just this past week I sent Mr. Fremer large samples of the Audio Intelligent "trio:" Enzymatic Formula, Cleaner Formula, and Ultra-Pure Water. Maybe your hope will come to fruition. Thanks, everyone, for your kind and supportive comments.

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I sincerely wish you good luck Paul in getting Mikey to review your samples. Stereophile most times will not print what the little guys out there have for offer. We will see if this is true or not?

In any case I bet you get Mikey as a new customer anyway. lol

Best of luck to you in the shoot-out as the pros here on agon already know your products are the best.