Who has heard the Prima Luna Dialogue 7s?

Has anyone compared the 7s to the likes of Jadis JA 30s or 80s, or to Dehaviland 50As? Are the 7s at this level of performance?
I recently bought the dialogue 7 mono's. I was a little worried how they would sound with Sophia II's. Let me tell you.....they sound great! My previous amps were Cary's v12 tube mono blocks & the Cary's MB500 solid state mono's. In my sytem, I like the Dialogue 7 better.
I have a Prologue 5 that I'm loving with EL34s. Other than optional triode operation, how much difference is there between the Prologue and Dialogue products, do you know?

Incredibly easy tube amps to live with.
I havent listened to the Prologue series