Who has heard the Blue note Stibbert cd player ?

I own the newly revamped-since late october,TAs magazine reviewed a earlier model,HP heard the new one and gave it a Golden ear award ,in this Feb issue. ,Stibbert cd player and it is Superb! at under 10k it is a Future classic ! I would like to spread this word and hear from ohers on the Stibbert Tube reference MK-2.
Tried the Koala and liked it so I ended up getting the new Stibbert with my wifes help for xmas.This player is outstanding and I have had a few since the little silver disc's came out!Yea,I'm old enough to be into audio before cd's:))Bob
I have bought the Stibbert Tubed MK II, mainly as an experiment because I could get it for a good price and needed something that would play music while I wait to get my Esoteric DV-50 modified.

All I can say that the Stibbert leaves nothing to be desired. Beautiful music making machine. I am kind of scared a bit at the moment that I might not be able to sell it when the DV-50 comes back and end up using the Stibbert for CD, the DV-50 for SACD and DVD-A.

I should know how the comparison on redbook works out in 2 weeks or so...
Please do keep us posted on the comparison with the modified Esoteric DV-50.

Does the Stibbert Tubed MK II have digital inputs? Specifically, does it support a Toslink input? I ask since my next CD player needs to support this since I would like it to handle music I stream to it via Apple Airport Express from my computer.

Many thanks in advance for your help and advise.

All the best,
There are no digital inputs on my Stibbert, but I also have the version without front panel buttons. There seem to have been a number of rivisions. Stil, I don't think digital inputs are a feature on the Stibbert.
Many thanks for the information regarding the digital inputs - much appreciated. I suspected as much since none of the descriptions of this player had digital inputs in its specifications.