Who has heard and can comment on any of these brands??

Sound Kaos

Audio Physic 




It's been a while, but I found Audio Physic speakers to have plenty of detail but not engaging, i.e. unmusical.

Interesting. I listened to a Classic 10 Sunday and found it to be

one of the most musical speakers I have heard. Maybe good sync/bad sync deal.


Audio Physic.  Definitely produced good speakers.  That was 20+ years ago.  Can't speak to them now.

For a long time I had rather small Audio Physic (Yara 2) speakers until last year. Amazing soundstage for that price. A friend owns a bigger pair and what I heard was just great. Definitely worth checking out.

I wanted Audio Physic Virgo for some time but settled for more affordable Tempo 25 which I enjoyed for several years. Then I went shopping for subwoofers to go with them, came across a trade-in pair of Codex and bought them instead, They are fabulous speakers in every way: exceptionally well-delineated deep/wide stereo image, great dynamics and wonderful bass reach, as well as impressive timbre and tonality across the range and the speakers themselves almost disappear. And very nicely made and finished.

Mine are the original model, AP recently released an update with spider-less midrange drivers for which they claim even better sonics and lower distortion. I haven’t heard them though.

sound|kaos speakers look wonderful, but I haven’t seen/heard them in real life. I’d love to try their RiPol sub-woofer in particular.

I have had a pair of Audio Physic Virgo III loudspeakers in my system for the past nine years. While every other component has “come and gone” multiple times, the speakers remain. They’re reasonably easy to drive, very balanced in terms of the frequency response/spectrum, and once set up properly, image like crazy. The one thing they will not do is provide exaggerated/bloated bass response.

A physical attribute that drew me to them is the front profile. From the listening position they present more like a monitor (smaller footprint), rather than a large box. I do not have experience listening to other Audio Physic models, so nothing to add/contribute there.

I had the Audio Physics Tempo Plus speakers for a little while. They were fun speakers but I found them to be colored compared with Bache speakers. I had listened to the Audio Physics Avanti which I thought had a more refined midrange and tighter bass, but I also found it to be on the thin side and more forward. 

I've heard of but have never actually heard or demoed Stenheim speakers. The last time I was seriously shopping for a pair of towers for my two-channel system upgrade, I spent serious seat-time over several months with approximately 15 or 18 different contenders in serious, orchestrated and scheduled critical listening mode. A pair of Aerial Acoustics 6T were one pair I spent time with that absolutely blew my socks off! Unfortunately, my amp doesn't generate the kind of current these fine speakers deserve to do them true justice. For those of you who may be reading this, have the right kind of amp to do these speakers justice and around seven grand to spend on an upgrade, I can't encourage you enough to do what you have to do to audition these speakers! These Aerial 6T I heard were a pair of trade-ins. After the audition, I asked the salesperson what the people who had owned these outstanding speakers traded them in for. He pointed to a pair of Stenheim Alumine 3. If I had 30 grand to spend on a pair of speakers and the type of playmates they deserve, I would love to hear these things for myself.

I heard a pair of Stenheims at AZPONA this past spring (2022) and found them to be one of my favorite rooms at the show, just behind the Magico M6 room.  The Stenheims were in a larger room, and I can't remember the model number, but they were wonderful sounding.  My show companions were in agreement with me.  Maybe this helps........

I have Coherent 10's.  They are in my virtual system posted here.  I'm not familiar with the other brands mentioned by the OP.  Coherents will be in the high efficiency camp.  Very easy to drive, outstanding clarity in the midrange, great imaging, very revealing of amps.  I've heard more extended bass and more detailed bass elsewhere but the good stuff more than makes up for it and I don't feel like bass is lacking at all. 

Audio Physics, Stenheim.

About the fabulous Stenheims, I posted this on Audiogon, so useless to repeat myself:


Go listen! They are really astounding.

Whilst seeking to replace my Audio Physic Yara 2's I took them to a friendly hifi store to compare them to a range of speakers most noticeably Monitor Audio's. I tried them in the main listening room against maybe 12 speakers. The Yara's sounded, to me, by far better. We went to another room listening to some others we may yet consider.  Whilst there another salesman came in and asked the owner how much the new speakers were, a customer and his wife just loved them. I did upgrade the AP Yara 2's, for another pair of AP's, the Sitara 25's. Perfect for my small dedicated music room.


I like your components. I listened to the Classic 10. Your model

looks like an upgrade to those. To hear someone say they are

"Not Looking to make changes" is pretty rare. Thanks!


I have heard the $30k model and it seemed the best box speaker

I can recall hearing.

I have listened to Stenheim Alumines with an all C H Precision feed. The performance was among the best that I have ever experienced. The system was Lottery winner worthy. If you ever get the opportunity, treat yourself and take a listen. Cudos to Buff at Liquid Hi-Fi for allowing me a long listening session.

I had the Audio Physic Avantis for a time, the ones with the glass-coated cabinet panels. They were good in most ways but the cabinets were noisier than should be expected in $9K/pair speakers. They also seemed to have a null somewhere in the upper bass freqs. Aside from those issues they were excellent and attractive speakers. Maybe not so great a value though, because I actually prefer the Revel Performa3 F206, and now I prefer a pair of modded Tekton Lore Reference Bes to the Revels.

My journey has led me to realize just how much value there is in the DIY realm. If you’re handy with woodwork or know someone who is, you can build numerous speakers rivaling $20K/pair commercial models for <$5K.

I have the classic 30 with the black glass around the cabnet. A wonderful sounding speaker. Bass drivers are inside the cabnet and fire downward through the bottom.Three feet out from front wall gives fast tight bass response.