Who has heard Accuphase C2400 and C2800?

I would like to know if C2800 is worth the extra 10k. If anyone has done a side-by-side audition, could you please share your experience. In my area there is only 1 Accuphase dealer and it doesn't have any pre-amp demo unit.


c2800 is king..if u have the greens & is appreciative of sound beyond this world...look no further
The C2400 is the latest preamp Accuphase has brought out(now the C2000). It has the same volume control circuits as the C2800. The C2400 has been tested in the Stereo Magazine in Germany and got a 100% rating. The C2800 comes with a bobinga wood case. I would go for the C2400 The 2800 would only be marginally better. Spend the savings on CD's and enjoy good music.
They are electronically the same.
The C-2800 is just a more luxurious execution. But they both sound great, the same.
PS I must add the the C-2000 is already excellent !
Quite as good as the C-2400 and the C-2800.
The real difference relies in the optional cards, extensions : mainly for phono, turntables.

You can add a better Accuphase card (more expensive, of course) as option on the C-2400 and C-2800.

Having a Lamm LP-2 for phono, I didn't mind that and bought the C-2000, a great preamp.
For what it's worth, this is from Echo Loft. BTW, I got the Marantz SC-7S1 preamp and love it:


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Title: STEREO SOUND Best Buy Pre-amplifiers 2004
Post by: jerms on 10/28/04 at 18:36:25
FYI, a list compiled from Japan's premier mag. top 10 positions:

1. ACCUPHASE C-2400 (rating 22) (580,000 yen)
2 (tied). MARANTZ SC-7S1 (rating 16) (700,000 yen)
2 (tied). ACCUPHASE C-2800 (rating 16) (1,100,000 yen)
3. GOLDMUND Mimesis SR-P2.3 (rating 14) (460,000 yen)
4. McINTOSH C-46 (rating 13) (700,000 yen)
5. LUXMAN C-70f (rating 12) (450,000 yen)
6. HALCRO dm-8 (rating 11) (2,200,000 yen)
7 (tied). ACCUPHASE DC-330 (rating 10) (880,000 yen)
7 (tied). MARK LEVINSON No.32L (rating 10) (3,200,000 yen)
8. LINN Klimax Kontrol (rating 9) (1,200,000 yen)
9. VIOLA Cadenza [rating 8] (1,900,000 yen)
10 (tied). AYRE K-5x (rating 7) (580,000 yen)
10 (tied). McINTOSH C-2200 (rating 7) (750,000 yen)
10 (tied). HOVLAND HP-100 (rating 7) (850,000 yen)
The diference between the C-2000 and the C-2400 are in their power supplies, parts quality and some other minor aspects like mechanichal and electromagnetic isolation.