Who has gone from a vk60 to a vk75se? vk60 monos?

What did you think? How much better? Worth the $$'s?

I have a single vk60. I'm thinking about either a 2nd vk 60 or a single vk 75se. Speakers are Watt/Puppy 6's. VKp10 and vk50SE are the front end...

Thanks for your 2 cents!!!
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I was considering upgrading from my VK-60 until a local tube dealer recommended that I change the 6SN7 input tubes to RCA 5692 Red Base (new-old-stock tubes). If you haven’t tried this upgrade, you don’t know what you’re missing. More resolution, more low level dynamics, less “glare” as compared to the factory tubes. As I’m writing this letter to you, I’m listening to Sonny Rollins / Way Out West on SACD. The disk has been in repeat mode for the last 2.5 hrs and I have no desire to stop it. With the VK-60 and the N.O.S. tubes, there is an incredibly life-like reproduction to music in general and especially individual instruments.

The cost to replace all eight input tubes is $600. You can sample the upgrade benefit by just replacing the two forward most input tubes for $150 ($75 ea).

Happy Listening,

2 vk60 can be bought if together for not too much over the vk75se if compared used.
more power is certainly better even for watt puppies 6.

just my 2c.
hi, this is an old thread, and i don't want to hijack it if it's still active, but i googled rimsky korsakov and mercury living presence sacd and saw that you sort of recently had "le coq d'or" etc. for sale, but it's no longer listed. i'm guessing you sold it, but if you haven't, please shoot me a response. thanks much - alex
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