Who has dumped the power conditioner?

I recently replaced my mains conditioner, with a high quality power strip.(Oyaide MG).

The sound is now more detailed, dynamics I didn't know I was missing are back, and air and separation have all improved.
I am interested if anyone else has gone back to basics?
I just want to add that I have owned two conditioners from different companies with mixed results. One constant remained...they both seemed to soften the presentation somehow-like rounding the edges ( the softening happened at the frequency extremes). I have no idea why this seems to happen with so many conditioners. The only other thing I can I add is that I got better base out of one of them, perhaps due to a lower noise floor. would like to hear others with similar experience.
Sorry, Adwiegert. I missed the SR Powercell after it was removed.
One or two other things I noticed with regards to power and sound quality...
I recently had the power coming into my house from the pole redone. We had a pole in front of the neighbors house rot out at the bottom and it had to be replaced. As part of the work ticket from PGandE, the main from the pole had to be rerouted to a point closer to our house. A new pole and line was put in and service restored.
After everything was completed by the power company and my power restored, I hooked the sound system back up. I did notice an overall improvement in the sound. I was not looking for an improvement, just looking forward to listening to my system again. When I got powered up, it all seemed more cohesive and defined immediately. At the time I did not have anything but OEM power cables. I have always used power suppression and a UPS for power drops. Since then I have changed some of my power cables. Some made a noticable difference in sound, some just look cool.
Which brings me to another power related story that may be of interest.
A friend has a wood shop with some high power power tools. One has a 50 hp electric motor. When the motor was turned on, the power cable to the building would whip between the building and the pole! Most people would need to witness this to believe it, but it did happen.
The shop was near the ocean and salt water. The cause was the top of the cable insulation was compromised enough to allow moisture into the copper core and the top of the wire was oxidized, the bottom was not. This created higher resistance on the top of the cable and when high current was drawn through the cable, the dissimilar resistance actually would pull on the top of the cable. There are many power cables to houses that have this problem. They just dont have a 50 hp electric motor to show it. But, It probably does affect the sound of their system.

regarding your situation, I wonder if the improvement in sound was due to new connections and not the proximity of the main to your house.

maybe it is both...

just a thought, thanks for posting.