Who has dumped the power conditioner?

I recently replaced my mains conditioner, with a high quality power strip.(Oyaide MG).

The sound is now more detailed, dynamics I didn't know I was missing are back, and air and separation have all improved.
I am interested if anyone else has gone back to basics?
Rockinrobin, you might be surprised by the BPT. I had a non-filtering PPC with Oyaide SWO-GX outlets. I was very impressed by the results.
Forty-seven times I have dumped my power conditioner. I have the SR PowerCell now and very happy, but given my record it will probably go someday. Most of the time on removing the power conditioner, like you, I prefer not having one. Recently, however, it has been that one conditioner just sounds better. I think the technology is improving.
Argyro, did you plug in your power amp to the Hydra? I have a Guardian 6, which is a lower line product from Shunyata. I plug my digital players and preamp to the Guardian but power amp directly to the wall. It seems to work fine.

The Guardian also interfered with the PEs from Alan Maher Designs at one time. So I moved those PEs to non-audio circuits. My system works well since then.
Vett93 I tried both amps and digital, as well as digital alone. In both cases the system became muddy and lost transparency and realism.

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