who has done the ARC REF5 upgrade to SE

Hello forummembers , should like to get in contact with a member who has let done this upgrade AND has knowledge of electronics to tell me ( and other members )about the connection of the new capacitorboard to the old board.
Ofcourse I have asked ARC , but as an owner of the REF3 they are not willing to tell me .
Regards Hans
ARC is still doing the upgrade game. Which is why I stopped considering them. REf5 cost a few good bucks, and now they have a SE version. Think they could get it right the 1st time. Sorry to hear they would not share with you, it would have been in their benifit to do so. Strange!
I spent a few 10k on arc gear thinking it would get me somewhere. No cash going in that direction again.
We can stop this thread as a forummember took the time to open the upperlid of the REF5 and took a look inside to answer my simple question .
I think he is the only member who has done this upgrade as no answer from other REF5 owners .Grrrr
I purchased a Ref 5SE - not an upgrade. The unit is wonderful. Very musical. Excellent top to bottom performance. I'm very pleased with it.

I'm sure at some point, ARC will have a Ref 6 or 7. It's the nature of the business. For now, I will sit back and enjoy the music.

According to Calvin at Audio Research,they will begin doing the upgrade sometime early fall.This was postponed due to a limited parts supply issue.I'm on the list to have it done but for now,the Ref 5 foots the bill.
Hello forummembers ,nobody of you have given an answer to the topic , so again , who of you do have the 5SE version , and is willing to open the 1000 screws of the toplid and have a look at the transformer , the blue coloured thing just behind the frontfaceplate at the right side , on the sameplate you will find the new capactor bord with the 8 black capacitors on it .At the transformer are the data written , what I like to know
is the HVP output , EQ on the REF3 is written 330v/0,11A.
Please , remove the powercord and wait at least 1 hour for lethal voltage before opening the toplid.Hope somebody can help me , as explained ARC US is not willing to help.
OK forummembers , don 't take the efford as described above,the boss of the importer in Germany has given me all
the answers I was looking for .
We can stop this topic