Who has de coupled their Loudspeakers from the floor ? If so how ?

I have been using Townshend Audio Seismic Podiums under my Sound Labs and Thiel CS 6s for a while now and must say how impressed i am with the sound quality improvements, for many years i have always used the supplied Spikes but must confess the Townshend Podiums are a revelation in my system.

I did read many positive reviews but wanted to experience the Podiums myself and i am so glad i did.

The Podiums were well worth the cost in my system, i could not live without them now.

My floor is a suspended wooden floor so maybe this is the reason but also maybe not.

Is anyone still using the supplied Spikes ?

If not are you using Townshend Podiums or any other Speaker Isolation product ?

Thanks everyone for your comments, please all take stay care and stay safe!

Not needed at finished foundation level.

>>>>>Isn’t it pretty to think so? (Apologies to Hemingway)
 Im using Symposium Super Plus custom stands with Trillium copper spikes a big upgrade over the stock MAGICO Stainless steel spikes.I am now getting better bass detail,better soundstage depth and height,better detail.Symposium is also priced very reasonable for the performance upgrade.
I’m on tile and use Herbie’s slider pucks. Work a charm.
I'm also using the Herbie's sliders.   Incredible improvement over spikes. The flooring is LVT over plywood subfloor.