Who has de coupled their Loudspeakers from the floor ? If so how ?

I have been using Townshend Audio Seismic Podiums under my Sound Labs and Thiel CS 6s for a while now and must say how impressed i am with the sound quality improvements, for many years i have always used the supplied Spikes but must confess the Townshend Podiums are a revelation in my system.

I did read many positive reviews but wanted to experience the Podiums myself and i am so glad i did.

The Podiums were well worth the cost in my system, i could not live without them now.

My floor is a suspended wooden floor so maybe this is the reason but also maybe not.

Is anyone still using the supplied Spikes ?

If not are you using Townshend Podiums or any other Speaker Isolation product ?

Thanks everyone for your comments, please all take stay care and stay safe!


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@bkeske, are you Walter White?
Another vote for the Herbies Gliders, they come in three different metal composites each with their own attributes. I use the largest brass gliders on my Wilson Sophias, initially just to facilitate easy movement, then spiked to hardwood floors over concrete slab. After removing the Herbies noticed a loss of detail and tightening of the bottom end suffered. Please note, I am not one of those people gifted with overly keen hearing. Enjoy the music
@pdreher, would you attribute that to the Sound Anchores, carpet, Herbies or a combination of different things? Just curious.
@pdreher , fair enough. I am a fan of the Sound Anchor products after positive results with B&W 802N and 804 Matrix speakers while using them, so am sure they certainly don't hurt. With that said I was very surprised of the positive results with the Herbies Gliders on a floating hardwood floor over concrete after sampling the results of direct spike to said hardwood. Enjoy the music