Who has de coupled their Loudspeakers from the floor ? If so how ?

I have been using Townshend Audio Seismic Podiums under my Sound Labs and Thiel CS 6s for a while now and must say how impressed i am with the sound quality improvements, for many years i have always used the supplied Spikes but must confess the Townshend Podiums are a revelation in my system.

I did read many positive reviews but wanted to experience the Podiums myself and i am so glad i did.

The Podiums were well worth the cost in my system, i could not live without them now.

My floor is a suspended wooden floor so maybe this is the reason but also maybe not.

Is anyone still using the supplied Spikes ?

If not are you using Townshend Podiums or any other Speaker Isolation product ?

Thanks everyone for your comments, please all take stay care and stay safe!

I use Auralex subdude platforms under my floorstanders when used on upper level suspended plywood floors.  Not needed at finished foundation level. 
Not needed at finished foundation level.

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 Im using Symposium Super Plus custom stands with Trillium copper spikes a big upgrade over the stock MAGICO Stainless steel spikes.I am now getting better bass detail,better soundstage depth and height,better detail.Symposium is also priced very reasonable for the performance upgrade.
I’m on tile and use Herbie’s slider pucks. Work a charm.
I'm also using the Herbie's sliders.   Incredible improvement over spikes. The flooring is LVT over plywood subfloor.
With my Vandersteen 2CE Sig I's, I have never used the spikes that came with the anchor bases, (which I filled with sand), as I have a wood floor. When I first got them, I went out and found furniture glide feet, with nylon bottoms, from Home Depot that fit and work great for both adjusting the tilt easily, and also moving them around for placement. But, wanting to decouple those nylon feet from the wood floor, I actually picked-up some washing machine absorber 'pads' on eBay, which my furniture glide feet fit perfectly onto/into; Like they were meant to be used together. So, for a fairly small amount spent, I have an easy way to adjust, move, and absorb/decouple my Vandy's from the floor system.
I am using ISO Acoustics GAIA II Under my GE Triton Reference speakers. Much better than supplied spikes. Bass definition is much better. 
OP, suggest you pm Millercarbon our resident tweak "expert"
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Another vote for the Herbies Gliders, they come in three different metal composites each with their own attributes. I use the largest brass gliders on my Wilson Sophias, initially just to facilitate easy movement, then spiked to hardwood floors over concrete slab. After removing the Herbies noticed a loss of detail and tightening of the bottom end suffered. Please note, I am not one of those people gifted with overly keen hearing. Enjoy the music
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I was using Herbie's gliders over carpet on a concrete basement slab.  Sound was noticeably less transparent and wooly with Herbies gliders vs. coupling to the concrete slab thru carpet with Sound Anchor metal spikes. YMMV.
@pdreher, would you attribute that to the Sound Anchores, carpet, Herbies or a combination of different things? Just curious.
I started a discussion here. My final sandwich material between the two slabs of granite is high density sorbathane. Here is the link.

I decoupled my speakers with the supplied spikes, standing on ~ 1" thick granite disks, one for each speaker, standing on slate tile flooring and using silicon bump-stops in-between.
Without spikes the speakers sound quite bad, with wooly bass then being the main issue. 
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As prefer to call that coupling, not decoupling. 
@tooblue... I attribute the wooly sound to using the gliders on carpet.  While gliders are good for positioning speakers, I prefer the sound when the stands are coupled to the concrete slab.
@pdreher , fair enough. I am a fan of the Sound Anchor products after positive results with B&W 802N and 804 Matrix speakers while using them, so am sure they certainly don't hurt. With that said I was very surprised of the positive results with the Herbies Gliders on a floating hardwood floor over concrete after sampling the results of direct spike to said hardwood. Enjoy the music
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Townsend Seismic Podiums under Spendor D9s located on the second floor on carpet. Everything improved.
My vote goes to Starsound Sistrum SP101 platforms. Amazingly effective, not a subtle difference.
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