Who has AC umbilical cable for SB upgrades?

I have to be careful here. My last attempt to start this thread was axed by the Agon patrol. I guess my mentioning the name of a certain company was not to their liking… Therefore, I will refrain from mentioning names (not sure why?). I am looking for a replacement/upgrade to my AC power umbilical cable that connects my Channel Islands power supply to my Logitech Duet receiver. I am aware of one “unmentionable” company who does provide such a cable replacement. Because of the negative things that I have read about said unmentionable cable provider, I prefer to find an alternative source.

I heard through the proverbial grapevine that said unmentionable cable provider markets an all silver umbilical AC cable.

Anyone know of other sources for similar cable products???

Thank you.
Check with Bolder Cable.
I had good luck with Sweetcome from Hong Kong in replacing my power supply to amp umbilicals on my MF M3.
Wayne at Bolder cable has 2-different level cables for this application, or Drew at Moon Audio should also be able to make what ever you want for the application.

Looking at the website, it looks like Bolder uses different plugs than what the Channel Islands unit requires. It looks like I will have to get some quotes on a custom cable. The real question is whether or not much can be done to truly upgrade the umbilical; the Duet receiver is fitted with that silly little mini plug, so the cable necessarily must be of a small gauge. I wonder what "recipe" Bolder or Moon Audio would use for constructing a superior cable of such a small size? I'll send an inquiry…

Any thoughts on whether or not an upgraded umbilical of this nature can realistically improve upon transmitting the small 9 volt DC current being fed to the Duet?
I've owned that p/s and my guess is that any improvements from an upgraded umbilical would be very modest, if at all.