Who has a system with JBL 375 mid range drivers?

I built a pair of EV Patricians in the late 50s. I wanted to use the 375 drivers but couldn't afford them. The patricians were great until I retired them 20 years ago after hearing a line source, my speakers of reference today.

It's time to revisit the 375 and the drivers they work best with. I plan on using four LE 15A drivers per side, in an isobaric alignment, along with 075 tweeters, and a 375 driver all of which I now have.
The question is which horn to use on the 375s.

Your thoughts?

Ken Fritz
The 375 is featured prominently in one of my virtual systems, it is indeed a wonderful driver. There's also the professional model 2440, which IIRC is identical to the later 375, but is available at more reasonable prices. You might also look around for a pair of 2441s, which some in pro circles feel is slightly better than the 2440.

For more detailed information, you might try at:
I have a pair of 375s from mid-70s. Used them with 077 ring radiators and 136As for years. My favorite sound of all time. They are now retired. 375s are in excellent condition and I.m willing to sell.