Who has a Musical Fidelity M6i

I have an Exposure 2010S2 driving a pair of Spendor A6's and it is a fantastic sounding amplifier when played at low to moderate volume levels. My listening room is 24'x 19' with 12' ceilings and when I get the volume where I like it the amplifier simply runs out of gas. I'm very interested in the 200 watt Musical Fidelity M6i, but there is very little feedback on the unit. I've only found one review and while positive, it does not address things like sound staging and transparency. Not much here on AudiogoN either. Has anyone out there purchased an M6i and can comment on its sonic attributes?
I just bought an M6i. Wow.

Its by far the best amp i have ever owned. The power and the clean sounds make this amazing. Its a dual mono amp, so there is no cross talk and the THD is low as well. You will not find a better amp under 8,000.

The raw power keeps speakers going without any slow down even at higher volumes. Low volume is articulate and sharp.

Sound quality has a very neutral and SMOOTH sound. Tone is spot on. Highs are clear, Bass is tight, Mids are non fatiguing.

Can you ask for more?