Who Has A Musical Concepts Dynaco PAS 3x Tricked

Musical Concepts just completed my Hafler-dh500, and I can't wait to hear it. John obviously comes very highly praised.

Now is the pre amp's turn. If I put $850 of mods into a $350 Dynaco PAS 3x pre amp, will I be better off with a McIntosh/Krell/Acoustic Research, etc. pre amp for sound and resell? (Magnepan 1.7's too) I see there are a ton of pre amps for sell on this site, and before I spend $1000 (including shipping)on this Dynaco, I'd really appreciate some better informed opinions.
We first started updating and upgrading the PAS-3 about 25 years ago. One thing is for sure, if done properly the preamp can be a giant-killer. However there a lot of people doing mods on the preamp, so YMMV as how successful the mods will be.

If I were you I would get the amp back and play if for a month or so, as it will have to break in again after it was modified. This will give you some opportunity to see if the amp got the right treatment.

As far as resale goes, unless the person who did the mod is really well known, you are better off sticking to recognizable brands. That is not the same as saying those products will sound better.