Who has a modified Shanling CD-T100?

I just borrowed my friends highly modified Shanling CDP (his Shanling had even better parts installed versus the level 2 mods) and I gotta tell ya, it is blowing the pants off of some of the other highly respected CDPs I borrowed this week. I will do a more in detph comparison but I am not giving this back.

How is your modified Shanling doing?

Happy Listening.

I've rolled the tubes in my T100, other than that it's stock so far. My boss had his 200 highly tweaked by his friend (a Chinese tech living in Canada) and is raving about it; he has suggested I get my 100 done as well. What parts were changed in your friend's 100? Coincidently I'm in China right now and will be making my way to Hong Kong for the weekend, I intend on visiting the high end stores on Saturday and see what goodies they have. Best, Jeff

p.s. the Shanling's are gorgeous to behold too eh?
He had pretty much the Level One Plus (+) with better parts put in. I have done some comparisons and I prefereed it to some other the other highly rated CDPs at double the price. Even the SS output sounded pretty good, it was real close with the tube output being slightly softer and with slightly more tube mid range magic and rounder bass notes. I just compared the Shanling to my Sony SCD-777ES with an Electrocompaniet DAC. The Sony/Electro combo had a wider soundstage, deeper bass but the Shanling in the tube output stage had better center image with more of a tube magic in the vocals which were slightly more forward sounding. I prefered the Shanling for the vocals but perferred the S/E combo for the wider sounstage. My wife preferred the S/E combo because she said she likes the vocals a little more back than forward. Maybe if I can find a tube DAC that throws a wide soundstage?

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"Maybe if I can find a tube DAC that throws a wide soundstage?"

Try the California Audio Labs Alpha DAC, particularly with some good NOS tubes such as the Sylvania or GE 5751 blackplate.

Can you check and see how much the T-100 is in Hong Kong?

I've been to Honk Kong twice now (just got back on Sunday) and have not seen any Shanling stuff. Odd, I know. Plenty of Cayin available though. Next time I'm in Shenzhen (where Shanling designs/builds their stuff) I'll make some inquiries.


p.s. bear in mind that even if the pricing is attractive modifying the power supplies is not trivial.