Who has a micro 2.0 system?

Not desktop,I'm talking small room(very small bedroom)2.0.Small amp,mini monitors & maybe a DVD player for source.Could you give us a breakdown on gear,set up & how it sounds?Did you come from a bigger system or start out small?Miss anything?Looking forward to your replies.Take care...
Check into a Naim Muso. Great sound from a small 'all in one'.
Too small of a room is a huge challenge if you want stereo, imaging and full range sound.  I'd suggest you look at a Geneva Labs radio.  The B&W Zeppelin or similar would be nice.
I'm not looking for equipment recs.I want to hear others experience with tiny systems & rooms.I tried sifting through the Virtual Systems but found nothing.
I use Teac CR-H500NT with Era 4 speakers, Audioquest Type 4 speaker cable. Also sounded quite good with Dali Zensor 1.
Also used it with Era 8 subwoofer, which works quite well too...
Micro system: How about Onkyo 805 half width receiver (18wpc),  Radio shack Minimus 7 speakers, HRT Music streamer II, Macbook Pro.  Micro price ~$200. 

All fits into a suitcase so as to be portable.  

My best micro system was Peachtree nova used as a preamp in conjunction with a Marsh a400 amp and era d 5 in a bedroom system. Room was about 12 x 14. It sounded spectator and bested to my ears many other systems I've heard in larger rooms.
Audioengine A2 or A5