Who got the Apogee " Full Range " sold recently.??

There were a pair of the Apogee "Full Range" up for sell on this web July 9, 2006 for only $3,700 US... I made my move just a day too late. Big congratulation to the buyer...
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I don't know who bought them, I do know that $3,700 was not the price they sold for...turned into a bidding war. Those things are pretty rare on the market.

It wasn't meant to be a bid at the first place. But then, so many offers, including me. The owner did mention to me that his last offer was $5,500. Two days later, he emailed me that the pairs was decided and paid for... who knows what price it ended..!!! such a rare piece, that things belongs in the museum.
I wouldn't sell them,he probably needed the money.Who knows.
You chase Apogees at your own risk. The originals are older and have suspect surrounds (aging surrounds that will cause anomalies acoustically as they deteriorate). Between the hazards of shipping and the expensive cost of repairs, one must consider carefully if it's worth it.
If deep pockets are a blessing one has, then I can see buying, even if restoration is necessary. Otherwise, forget it. The only way I'd consider an Apogee is if I knew the history/owner. Otherwise, it's a crap shoot.

Don't get me wrong, what I did hear from the used pair of Calipers I bought, I liked - except for the buzz in the bass panel! There are serious issues with pursuing such old and tricky to ship speakers. Caveat emptor.
I am considering selling a pair of Apogee Cepheus 8 speakers I purchased in 1998. Any info as to how to value would be appreciated. They are in MINT condition.

Around $2,500 is a good starting place....very nice speaker system. Only 4 pairs were sold before Apogee closed from what I've read...pretty rare on the market.

WOW Sogood51!
You really know your audio,unles you have inside information,nevertheless I am impressed.